AUCTION: EMH Magnum 2007 Black Cat Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

Donor: Merrill Lindquist
Value: $175 but you can’t buy this large format, it’s from her cellar
MinBidIncr: $10
Auction Closes: 8pm PT

***** NOTE *: Winning bid pays for shipping to be coordinated with Merrill

This WineBerserker needs no introduction to the community or berserkerday faithful and look what she has has put up for auction. In her own words…

Cellartracker notes

Guess I’ll kick us off. $100






This puts no money in my pocket, folks, but it takes a very adored baby out of my cellar. I have sold 750s for $150, sometimes $175. Maybe I am a crook! This will leave me with only 2 of the magnums of the 2007.

I am making Jacques Pepin’s beef in red wine…stewing in the oven since a lull around 3:00. The wine it is stewing in? Black Cat (leftovers), of course.

Ok, carry on.

  1. Todd gets extra 50 if you join us to drink it [cheers.gif]

Deal! Last year, the gentlemanly Chuck Miller took the auction, I hand delivered it to Seattle, and we had a fantastic dinner with all kinds of wines. No losers, there.

This is my go to stew recipe! The idea of making a composed stew that separates the meat from the vegetables is the only way to go. Those cipollini onion, mushrooms, and carrots cooked with pancetta are so delicious I sometimes just make them as a side dish.

Unfortunately, the bid is too rich for my blood, my wife would kill me if I won this bottle! even though it looks amazing.

Great that you know that recipe. I actually usually lose my energy and just cook the beef in the wine with the garlic and onions. Not so bad. Yes, someone just called me and said wow…cooking with Black Cat. I have leftovers from having guests share glasses with me, and I put them back in bottle in the fridge. They do quite well. This is a blend of 2009, 2011, 2014, I think.

$300 and we’ll drink it at Carg’s pig roast in the beautiful Santa Rita Hills. Merrill, hopefully you’ll be able to join us, although I must warn you that you’ll meet some very weak men. [cheers.gif]