AUCTION: Double Magnum - 3L 2018 Goodfellow Heritage No. 14, Lewman Vineyard Pinot Noir

Donor: Marcus at
Value: $350? maybe $450? maybe $550? I really don’t know.
MinBidIncr: $10
Auction Closes: 8pm PT
Shipping: Included

One 3 liter 2018 Goodfellow Heritage No. 14, Lewman Vineyard Pinot Noir

Expressive woodsy notes, seamlessly pleasurable, cocoa, with lilac and pretty red-blue fruits, earth and baking spices. Plush on opening, this wine sheds it’s baby fat to reveal taut red fruits, extraordinary finesse, and perfect balance. Blueberry/blackberry, deep red cherry and hints of cacao, add in iron filings after a few hours, and a bright mouthwatering finish of fine tannins and red currant acidity.

Okay, so you don’t follow points? Then forget this wine received 97 from the Wine Advocate. Want to purchase a 750ml bottle of this wine? Can’t, there’s none left. What’s left? This 3 liter bottle sitting at the winery is the last of it kids, when we say “last chance” we mean berserkers have the “last chance”.










That a boy Will!

$500 go big or go home

Clarification: Shipping is included

cut/paste error on my part - offer updated to reflect the need for a forklift to get this into a truck

People seem to like this wine? huh? LOL


I’d like to find that curled up in a dark space in my basement in about 15 years