AUCTION: Briceland Vineyards - 3 bottle Vertical of Ishi Pishi Petit Verdot

Donor: Andrew Morris @ Briceland Vineyards & Winery
Value: $150
MinBidIncr: $10
Shipping Included: Free
Auction Closes: 8pm PT

Andrew has donated a 3 bottle vertical and a couple of these are straight from his personal cellar, they’re not even library wines.
It’s juice he was saving for himself but now he’s willing to share it with you.

Ishi Pishi Petit Verdots:

  • 2012 Briceland Vineyards Ishi Pishi Petit Verdot 750ml
  • 2013 Briceland Vineyards Ishi Pishi Petit Verdot 750ml
  • 2014 Briceland Vineyards Ishi Pishi Petit Verdot 750ml





Here is TN by Mr Alfert on the 2012 PV:

Petit Verdot is quirky. Finicky, too, I think. Mainly a blending grape, one of the traditional Bordeaux varietals. You don’t see it much these days, but there are a couple of Bordeaux QPRs that have healthy dollops of it, like Chateau Bolaire at 40-50% and Belle-Vue at 20%. I like these two wines. Belle-Vue just released a 100% PV cuvee in 2016, need to try it.

For Bordeaux, it seems to add a more savory, spicy, and sometimes greenish tinge, to the blend.

I have not had a PV cuvee from California that I have enjoyed enough to buy more. I personally don’t think this grape does well in warmer climates like that, it gets too jammy blue for my palate.

And then here I try something from Humboldt. The land of Cabot. And it works. Works very well.

This Briceland PV runs the color spectrum: greens, red, blue and black. The spritely acids keep this wine racing along that continuum. Floral, perfumed nose, with some charcoal campfire and menthol notes. The palate is more than medium-body, definitely chewy, but not weighty. Savory, herbaceous, wet earth. Predominantly wild dark fruits, but with a slight sweetness of blueberry and some citrusy reds, showing lots of fruit complexity. Tangy, chewy, puckeringly-long long finish. A very distinct wine.

Started this wine with a grilled chicken salad, but damn would I love to have this wine with a burger or pizza. Or a Pittsburgh-style filet, all bloody and stuff.

I have no clue where his wine goes. I have no history with it. Has solid structure and backbone to it, and correctly ripe fruit, so I suspect it will age easily for 5+ and likely for much longer. Does it become more complex, I do not know. What I do know, is that this is one lip-smackingly good ‘Merican PV!

(93 pts.)

The 12 is long out of stock, but I pulled one bottle from my library for this auction. The other two vintages are still offered.

Any other questions about the wines I am happy to pitch in.

Shoot, now I feel guilty. My note will cause the pricing to go down!


I’ll bail you out Bobby…90






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