AUCTION: Biggio Hamina Magnum 2016 Gewurztraminer Orange Wine - yes, you heard me correctly!

Donor: Todd @ Biggio Hamina
Value: you can’t put a price on freedom!
MinBidIncr: $10
Auction Closes: 8pm PT

In an effort to keep Mr. French out of prison and fight the current slew of WineBerserker lawsuits (seriously) Mr. Hamina has contributed to the cause.



I can guarantee the artwork will cause concern for those involved.

Eff it…$70

100, for The Todd!

I’ll ban your ass!


This wine is not yet bottled. There is still a little malo action that needs to finish. But, it smells so good. I love it. And this year the berries were much more orange than pink, so a classic (no wait, that doesn’t exist) orange Gew.

120, in your face! champagne.gif


If this goes over $250 I will make two. Like a Doublemint ad.


140— I just want in on some of this action!

Todd, what would be the aging potential on this one? it is a friend’s daughters birth year, hence I may do a double good here (aka-Todd’s defense and be nice to a friend)

I wouldn’t let it run.