Auction #3 for Nepal relief: Dehlinger 2010 Altamont and 2009 Goldridge pinots

Greetings fellow Berserkers. This is one of three two-bottle lots I am going to auction off over the next week in order to raise fund for Nepal relief. Here is how it will work:

    • 100% of funds which I receive from the auction, with zero deductions of any sort, will go directly to a nationally-recognized, low overhead, charity providing relief to the victims of the Nepal earthquake. After I receive the funds, I will post a photo of the charitable receipt.
  • The auction will begin now, and it will end at 5:00 Eastern time on Monday, May 11, 2015. The highest bid posted in this thread on or before 5:00, using the board’s time stamp, will win the lot.

  • Each auction will start with a minimum bid price which I will set at approximately 60% of low W-S value for the lot, and will go up in $5 (or greater) increments from the prior bid. Bids may only be made by posting on this thread - no bids via email, PM or otherwise will count.

  • I will add a flat $12 to the final bid price to reflect of the cost of ground shipping to the winning bidder in the USA. If the winning bidder would like the bottles sent two day or overnight via Federal Express, I am happy to accommodate that, at the buyer’s expense. I can ship at any time after receipt of payment, and I can hold for fall or winter to ship if the buyer would prefer, with the wines maintained in proper storage in the meantime.

  • Each of the bottles I am auctioning was purchased directly from the winery upon release, and they have spent the entire time since my receipt at 55 to 59 degrees inside temperature and humidity controlled wine storage cabinets.

  • Serious bids only, please. If you win the auction and then do not follow through with the purchase after reasonable efforts on my part, I reserve the right to post negative feedback about you.

  • Check or Paypal are acceptable forms of payment. Buyer pays any Paypal fees.

  • Shipping and all risk transfer to the buyer upon my depositing the shipment into the mail. I cannot warrant against corked or flawed bottles. However, in the unlikely event of a spoiled wine, I am willing to cooperate with the buyer in attempting to obtain replacements or credits from the winery, to the extent of whatever the winery will offer, as I purchased these directly from the wineries plus am a continuing customer since the time of purchase.

  • Please bid with confidence, as I have perfect feedback on Commerce Corner, and I am a longtime regular on the board with many personal connections and references.

  • Although how you handle your tax matters are your own private affairs, please note that I am not a registered charity under the tax code, but just an individual.

Thank you, and please be generous in helping out with the tragic suffering of the Nepalese people, while at the same time getting some terrific wines for your cellar.

Lot #1:

Dehlinger Pinot Noir Altamont 2010.

Dehlinger Pinot Noir Goldridge 2009.

Minimum starting bid = $70 for the two-bottle lot

Here is a pair of amazing estate pinots from one of the pioneers and brightest lights in California pinot noir, as well as one of the pioneering California pinot noir vineyards planted in 1975. These are small production, hard to find wines which are beloved by wine enthusiasts (the 2010 Altamont as a CellarTracker average of 92.6 and the 2009 Goldridge has a CellarTracker average of 93.1). These wines also have an amazing track record for aging, and you get a 5+ year head start if you win this lot.



Here is the receipt from the combined donation of all funds received from Auctions 1, 2 and 3 – $465.00. Thank you so much to everyone who bid, and especially to the winners Roger and Michel.