AUCTION: 2006 Bindi-Sergardi "Mocenni 89 and 91"

AUCTION: 2006 Bindi-Sergardi “Mocenni 89” and “91” - two magnums

Generously donated by Tanaro Imports, this will end our auction, and any late additions to the auction or BerserkerDay deals will show up as they come in, hopefully!

89 is 100% Sangiovese, from a single portion of a vineyard (parcel 89) in Castelnuovo Berardenga (Siena). The wine sees 24 months in used French/Hungarian barrique. 91 is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from the vineyard but parcel 91. The wines sees 24 months in new French barrique. Both come in OWC

This auction ends at 9 pm Pacific, as the extra magnum added changes the lot up a bit!

I also donated a Magnum of the 2006 “Mocenni 91”- 100% Cabernet Sauvignon - which is from the same vineyard, just a different plot (91)… This sees used French Barrique…

You’ll find them just south of $70 on WineSearch for 750s… All proceeds donated to WB, so be generous!


Todd… for whatever reason, my outgoing email doesn’t appear to be working… let’s do “Both”… I’ll kick another mag of the “91” so please confirm that this auction item is, in fact, TWO magnums… one Sangiovese, one Cabernet…




Ok, let’s do it for both magnums, and extend it until 9 pm Pacific!

Now I gots to watch this sheeet for another MF hour!

210 dollaz.





Looks like we have a winner!