Aubert Shipping issues

So my Aubert order is scheduled to ship on Monday. However, I noticed the temp in Arizona is going to be in the low 90’s. I contacted Aubert and was told “your order is on the pallet and will be shipped Monday no matter the weather” however I was told “FedEx has been slow so it may sit in California for a few days and it’s cool”.

Love their wines and but this is crap customer service. Contacted Realm and Bevan. Realm pretty much said they are pulling all Arizona orders and Bevan was no issue and adjusted to 12/7.

What course of action do berserkers recommend when a winery knowingly delivers wine into heat over 90 degrees when you have asked them not to send and they refuse?

Bevan has ALWAYS gone above and beyond, hopefully Aubert will back the shipment.

Bevan was so easy to deal with, no questions asked. Just asked me when I wanted them to ship.

Aubert was like “well it’s on the pallet” so it’s coming.

Accept delivery and verify heat damage or reject delivery at those temperatures?

I won’t deal with any winery that doesn’t check with me before scheduling a shipment.

It’s crazy. I selected this date months ago. How was I supposed to know it would be 90 in AZ at this time. All the other places I buy from Abe pulled shipments either on their own (realm, piper) or on my request with no questions asked (Bevan). Hell, Nancy Kaplan at Maxem was ready to reship my order no questions asked because it was late and not showing up in FedEx system.

I agree, that’s quite disappointing to hear. I’d expect Aubert to pull the shipment or at least say “well be happy to reship if the bottles are warm to touch/damaged in any way”.

I was on their list once, and received an allocation for less than a day. They apparently they kicked me off for some strange reason, after I had posted a few opinions regarding the release here on the forum. I had attempted to reach out via email and phone and left several messages, none of which were returned. I simply gave up after that and just bought Maxem and Vice Versa Chardonnay instead. Not a bad trade off at all.

I got an email from Aubert less than 2 weeks ago, on 3 November, asking for confirmation that shipping today would be OK. Did you not get the same ?

I got one on 10/20. How am I supposed to know a
Month or even 2 weeks ahead how the weather is going to
Be. Again Realm, Bevan and Piper etc all had zero issues moving the date on their own or my request.

I just received the shipping notice from FedEx for my Aubert wines. Assuming the notice is correct, the shipment is originating in a suburb of St. Louis, MO and will be delivered in 2 days via FedEx Home Delivery. Based on this, it appears that Aubert (or their shipping partner) is using some regional distribution centers for parts of the country, and the wine actually left the winery some time in the past. If this is the case, I’m not surprised they’re not able to stop the shipment.

I’d guess shipments destined for AZ are handled differently, but it’s still possible the wine has been “pre-positioned” in some fashion. Once shipped, it should be possible to recall or redirect the wine, assuming the transit time is lengthy enough to warrant that action. When is your wine scheduled to be delivered ?