Atlanta diversions over a weekend?

Going to Atlanta for a quick trip. There will only be a few chunks of time. Any reccos for “attractions” that one can do over a few hours? Bars? Restaurants?

Gunshow, and book it now.

While the menu looks unusual online, in person this place is delicious.

The long and the short of it… They place a menu in front of you. Then, the kitchen brings items out to your table. If you like what you see, grab it. If not, wait till the next presentation. The rough cost was $60 all in for what really was a tasting menu. This place works well with more than one person. For the record, I’d go back solo.

Might be late on commenting. I second this recommendation. It’s Dim Sum meets Farm to Table. If you haven’t already visited let me know and I can make more recommendations.

Cheetah Lounge
Pink Pony

Thanks. We came in for Super Bowl quick weekend. Didn’t do much other than the game, some related stuff, and a side-trip to the MLK site. The premiere restaurants were all booked. So for the one dinner we had available we went to KR Steakbar. It was very good, maybe just short of excellent. The Wagyu rib-cap was fantastic.

good to hear…