At what age do you stop buying Bordeaux?

Have you stopped buying Bordeaux because current vintages might outlive you? At what age do you do this? If you are 55 are you buying 09’s and 10’s?


Without consulting an actuarial table, doesn’t the answer depend on how many bottles of Bordeaux you have, your rate of consumption, your economic/space limitations, and the age at which you like to drink Bordeaux?

I stopped buying them in my late 30s. This was due to the rather ridiculous pricing curve the classified growths were/are on.

This year?


2000 at age 52, figuring that by the time I reached 70 my taste buds would be in serious decline - so i would be in a race to taste them. finishing my "70s and working on my '80s now in an attempt to remain on schedule.

Last vintage was the 2009’s at age 54. In fact I told myself to stop after the 2006’s but still bought some 08 and 09’s. So much for will power. I do back fill when I see something I like at a good price

I stopped buying them because (a) I like them old, (b) I have plenty already, (c) prices have gotten beyond my comfort levels, (d) needed to spend more of the wine $$ on burgundy


I am 57 and have stopped buying Bordeaux. Most Bordeaux I have were from 1990 or before, but I continued to buy some through 2005. Since then, with only an exception or two I have not, but I do backfill when the opportunity arises. Why buy young Bordeaux when I often can buy older Bordeaux for less money.

I’m in my late 40s and stopped buying Bordeaux after 2005. I prefer to spend my money on burgs and nebbs, plus I like my Bordeaux with lots of age on them (as I do with Nebbs and most burgs). Also, prices for second growths have gotten way out of hand. Believe it or not, I find better value in burgs.

Stopped after the 1990 vintage at age 36…but that was because I decided that I got more pleasure from Burgundy than Bordeaux, and I sold off the Bordeaux I had. However, now at age 58, I am thinking that 2010 red Burgs may be my last longer aging Burgundy vintage to buy in quantity and cellar. Maybe just a little backfilling to keep myself amused,

I’m in my early 40s and made a small selection of the 2010s the last I’ll pick up en premier. I have plenty from '00-'10 to keep me on a long track of consumption along with a handful of 90-98s. I don’t think I’ll stop buying Bordeaux altogether but will likely just pick up good deals on early drinkers. Nothing to lay down for an extended period of time.

maybe never… depends on the wine. Some of the bord’s I buy are for early consumption. I just bought a 6 pack of '10 Le Dame de Montrose ($20), looking forward to trying one soon.

I’m 56 and 2005 was to be my last vintage, but I got hyped on 2009 and 2010…but fortunately the gouging price hikes keep my purchasing in check so that’s it for me as I can no longer afford to purchase at the level that I have become accustomed to. But from now on I am going to back full there is still some stuff that I want and the pricing is much better…and with a bit of luck and some medical insurance I will be around long enough to enjoy it all.
So to answer your question…its actually rather complicated and all those factors and other come into play which add up to enough is enough…if you have enough. [cheers.gif]

I’m 47 and have wondered the same thing. I am starting to buy in to 2010 - only 2 cases total so far, but likely more. I’m wondering how much I buy in to future vintages. Figure I’m 65-67 when some of these wines hit their optimum drinking window. I bought a shit-ton of '05s but not so many '09s.

I’m 27 and paring down my consumption. Partly because of cost, partly because of taste divergence and partly because what I’m buying I’m going to drink at 25+ years of bottle age. Long hill ahead, smooth sailing after.

I bought a few 2005’s at the age of 52, wish I didn’t.

Sax, you will still be shredding at 72, don’t worry! [cheers.gif]

I’m 29, and although I’m not buying a ton of Bordeaux these days, I’ll probably stop all together around mid-50s…same age I’ll stop buying red Burgundy, Northern Rhones and Barolo/Barbaresco…as I prefer these wines with 20-25+ years of age on them.

Thanks Steve, my goal is 90+. [cheers.gif]

I’m on Medicare, so I’ve already stopped.