I’ve had the opportunity to sell some of Astrea’s delicious caviar here before and I’m happy to say I have the go-ahead to do so again for Berserkerday. These are all freshly packed in this past week so you’ll be getting the freshest possible caviar.

A little about the caviar

The sturgeon are raised 6,500ft above sea level. The pure spring water, stable year-round temperature and lack of pollution ensure the best growing condition for our sturgeons. At such high altitude our fish grow slower, and as a result, lay eggs that are larger in size and more complex in flavor.

Our sturgeons range in age from 10 to over 25 years old. > For reference, most caviar is produced from fish that are anywhere from five to eight years old. When they reach maturity, we don’t extract the eggs until the third roe production cycle. The fish absorb the first two roe cycles, which gives them additional nutrition to produce bigger and more flavorful eggs in the third cycle.

Before extraction, we transfer the fish into low-temperature fish ponds with controlled conditions of 8% salt content and a temperature of 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit. There they reside for two months to mimic deep sea conditions. Once extracted, the eggs are cleaned and cured with less than 3% salt content before going through an > extended aging period of one to four months> . These practices add complexity and depth to our caviar’s flavor.

Our sturgeons fish are grown in natural spring water. We never treat them with antibiotics, instead, we use proprietary natural healing organic herbs to boost immunity. We do not use borax as a preservative, nor do we use food coloring to enhance the color of our eggs. What you see and taste is all natural, a product of carefully raised, mature sturgeon combined with a specialized aging process we have perfected. Similar to wine making, the process of curing and aging caviar is a closely guarded trade secret, an art form unto itself.

I’ll be offering three types of caviar for individual sale and a few bundles.

For the individual sales

we will be offering 20% off all retail pricing.
Free shipping for all orders over $300.
Shipping is $35 within California and $55 outside of California - Fedex overnight delivery.
Mother of Pearl spoon will be free for all orders

#1 - Our Premier Selection - Baerii sturgeon. Our Baerii caviar is harvested from pure bred Siberian Acipenser Baerii sturgeons of at least 10 in age. The eggs are medium in size with black to pearl grey tone, silky texture and long, pure finish of the ocean. Aged 1-2 months.

30g tin - normally $80 - discounted to $64
50g tin - normally $125 - discounted to $100
200g tin - normally $400- discounted to $320 - very limited supply, first come first serve 4 left

#2 - Our other Premier Selection and most popular - Kaluga Hybrid. Our Kaluga hybrid caviar is harvested from cross bred Huso Dauricus and Acipenser Schrenckii sturgeons of at least twelve years in age. The eggs are large in size, pearl grey to golden brown in color. It has a rich yet elegant creamy flavor with firm and crisp texture complemented by persistent, complex finish. Aged 1-2 months.

30g tin - normally $110- discounted to $88
50g tin - normally $175 - discounted to $140
200g tin - normally $600- discounted to $480 - SOLD OUT

#3 - One of our flagship caviar Grand selection Schrenckii Sturgeon. Amur Sturgeon caviar–is harvested from pure bred Acipenser Schrenckii sturgeons from Heilongjiang, a north eastern province that borders Russia. Sturgeons are 12 to 16 years in age and their eggs are medium to large in size, light brown or grey to golden in color, with a bright golden shimmer.

30g tin - normally $145- discounted to $116
50g tin - normally $205 - discounted to $164
200g tin - normally $800- discounted to $640 - very limited supply, first come first serve 2 left

Package deals

Package #1 - A tasty sample size pack
1x 50g Baerii - regular price $125
1x 50g Kaluga Hybrid - regular price $175
1x 50g Schrenckii - regular price $205

Regular price - $505

BERSERKER DAY PRICE- $380 with free shipping (25% off!)

Package #2 - A bunch of baby caviar
2x 30g Baerii - regular price $160
2x 30g Kaluga Hybrid - regular price $190
2x 30g Schrenckii - regular price $290

Regular Price- $640

BERSERKER DAY PRICE- $480 with free shipping (25% off!)

Package #3 - Bigger is better
1x 200g Baerii - regular price $400
1x 200g Kaluga Hybrid - regular price $600
1x 200g Schrenckii - regular price $800

regular price - $1800
BERSERKER DAY PRICE - $1170 with free shipping, 35% off!


Any order with 350g or more of caviar will receive a 30% discount off the regular price and free shipping

Please email me at CaviarCharlie@gmail.com to order - subject line "BD CAVIAR"

I’ve gotten this question a few times this morning

30g can feed one hungry person or two people
50g is comfortably two to three people

Order in! Excited to try.

Excellent! In for one of the packages. I picked up some Kaluga from Charlie for NYE and it was phenomenal and a huge crowd pleaser. This is great stuff.

Time to reload… In for some!!

Gotten from Charlie several times before and the quality is amazing!

Pair this with some bubbly and basically any occasion turns into a party! Also while 30G is fine, you will want 50G tin for a couple of people!

In; for the third time! Charlie has become my primary source for excellent caviar.


in for package #1, excited to try it

Thank you for all those that have placed orders whether you commented or not. Really appreciate a good start with the GCC preview.

Exchanged many an email with you all today over the caviar. My daughter was constantly yelling at me to pay attention to her in the museum. Ha!

Unless you one of my kids, and then you run through fire for a dose of fish eggs, and beat people away with a stick if they try to get their grubby hands on your stash!!!

Looking forward to sharing all three of these offerings with close ones and some Champagnes highlighted on your IG. Thank you, Charlie. Forward my apology to your daughter as such together time is priceless!

That’s cause you’re a beast. Gonna bring some for Jorge’s bach party. Hopefully everyone can get past you. Lol

Astrea Caviar is straight crack. Order in for Kaluga Hybrid!


Hey Charlie - your email is bouncing back, I can’t seem to get an order in?

Address not found
Your message wasn’t delivered to CarviarCharlie@gmail.com because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.


It’s cause i’m an idiot and i can’t spell caviar.


Ha! And I blindly copy-and-pasted :wink: email sent!

I did the same, bounced the first order email. Thanks for the offer, my wife and daughter have been craving some caviar and your timing was perfect.

Thanks for the offer – can’t wait to try the variety pack!

thank you all! greatly appreciate the orders! If anyone has any issues with the caviar they receive, please let me know. We stand behind the product 100%

Order in for package #2. one question: I’ve never been in a position to hold caviar for any length of time, we typically consume it within a day or two of purchase. How long is it safe to store in the fridge and still retain optimal (or close) quality?