Astor Wines Champagne

I’ve been going to Astor Wine lately, partly because of a recommendation from here. They have a good Champagne selection which seems to be mostly grower Champagne.

I’ve tried 4 Champagnes from here so far. Some of them are more widely available and others seem to basically be Astor Wines house brands as far as US distribution goes.

J Lassalle Preference, Michel Loriot BdN, Jack Legras BdB, and Charles Ricciuti Brut NV were what I had so far.

All very good and excellent QPR. The Charles Ricciuti was only 27 dollars and my favorite of the bunch so far.

J Lassalle Preference: I was pretty bombed when I had this, but it was fruity, crisp, and pleasant.

Michel Loriot: My first 100% Meunier and only so far. Very nice fruity flavor, tastes much different from any Champagne I’ve had so far.

Jack Legras: pleasant flavor, kinda reminds me of a cheesecake. Is that a common thing with BdBs?

Charles Ricciuti: nice amount of acidity, balanced, and delicious. A steal for $27.

Those of you who buy Champagne from here (I’m assuming there are at least a few), what are some of your faves from their selecton?

I think I’m gonna pick up a Perceval Farge Brut and Voirin Jumel BdB next time.

Grower Champagne has been an interesting experience so far, the flavors have varied widely but all have been pleasant.

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