As Seen At Costco Today: Veuve Label Changes

Regardless of what’s in the bottle, not a fan of these new labels.

Tbh, not normally a fan of what’s in the bottle either.


I like that it was cleaned up, but they should have kept the old style and removed the wording outside of the border.

Was it VC that recently lost a case in the EU trying to protect/enforce their label color? In any case, I have mixed opinions on the changes. Yellow remained Brut (on the front label), but the rose not.

Saw the removal of brut on the rose label. I don’t think it’s dosed outside of brut, may just have pulled it off for a cleaner line, as most people buying Veuve Rose aren’t going to give much of a shit about the dosage.

I think the label changes are great. They are clean, modern, preserve brand identity, and are instagram and tiktok ready.

From a practicality perspective, I’m curious how the matte labels will hold up in a cold ice water bucket, but they are just one of many champagne producers with matte labels so no big deal. Overall, I think it’s a great update for what it is.

Wish Laherte Freres would figure out an identity and then deliver that with their labels. I can’t think of a single champagne producer that has struggled more to represent its identity, consistently, with its labels.

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How about Cedric Bouchard? How many iterations of black on black can you design! Love the wines, though.


Yes. Veuve Clicquot tried to trademark(?) their particular shade of yellow, but failed in court.

Both Caterpillar and John Deere have trademark colors. Why did VC fail?

The case has been “remanded”.

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And Tiffany.

Pretty fact-dependent assessments. Different countries too - but may be easier to show that in the world of farm or road equipment the colors are more closely associated with the company than this shade of orange is for Champagne consumers.

BTW, why was Lidl challenging? Did they have some sort of private label Champagne (or Cava) with an orange label?

Yah, they had a sparkling product with a similar color.