Article: European Union Lurches Towards Prohibition

Just read this article on WSP. It’s not prohibition really. The author says more likely it means the end of marketing subsidies, but who knows. The European Parliament votes tomorrow.
European Union Lurches Towards Prohibition
A crunch meeting of the European Parliament could cast the terrible shadow of temperance across Europe.

Seems like a nothing thing to me.

I seriously doubt it when winemaking is such a big part of the economies.

Read the article. It reminded me Europe in many ways does the nanny state thing better than the USA does. I think wine and beer are so ingrained in the culture there that it will amount only to bureaucratic annoyance and irritation.

w. blake gray is one of the most preposterous writers anywhere on any subject.

i’m a little annoyed my subscription dollars funds this nonsense in the name of SEO for their product.