Artevino iii setup recommendations and photos

I finally pulled the trigger on the Artevino iii by Eurocave as Costco is running the Memorial Day weekend deal. After all the discount, it becomes $2399 + tax!
I am going to put it in the right hand corner of my living room, so the tv & consoles are on the left. I wonder if anyone with similar setup can share photos of your fridge. Since it’s in the living room, I want to set it up looking nicely. Will some cabinets or wall mount shelves pair nicely with it? Thanks!

Enjoy it! I got 1, and this new sale has me tempted to get a second one.

That said I put out a similar post last year when I purchased mine and I added a photo at the end of the shelf layout to “maximize” the space and it allows me to get 185 bottles. But I am not using the display shelf which does make it look nicer, but mine is in a basement so who cares

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Wow I wish I had the space to grab one right now. Wine is overflowing and I need one, but no where to put it.

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I have been doing mental gymnastics to try and figure out space for another one.

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I have the same setup, and realised you need a second Eurocave on the other side to make it symmetrical.

Problem now solved.