Art+Science Cider+Wine

Art+Science was established in 2011 by my wife Kim Hamblin a cut paper artist and me. I am the winegrower at Johan Vineyards where I have been in charge of all aspects of production from farming to putting the wines in bottle for the past 10 years. At Art+Science we produce wines and ciders with minimal human intervention with a desire to let the fruit show you where it was grown.


What is the shelf life on the ciders? Are they meant to be consumed quickly or can they be consumed over a longer horizon?

I am fascinated by the combination and your philosophy.

Any hints as to the stylistic characteristics of the wines?

To be completely honest, I have no idea. I have not been making cider that long. Some of my ciders are unsulfured so that may reduce their ageability. I will note the unsulfured ones in the offer. All of the ciders are bottle conditioned so as they ferment in bottle this saturates the cider with CO2, which should help prevent the cider from oxidation degradation.

Although last week I did a vertical of my 13, 14, and 15 West Valley Cider and all were solid. I tasted them last night and they were still holding up.

AFWE!?? :wink:

I strive for my understanding of balance. But I suppose that’s up to interpretation. I like lowish alcohol, higher acid, and prettiness. I do a fair amount of whole cluster fermentation. The Pinot that will be in the offer is 80%.