Art+Science, Cider+Wine- Shipping Included

We are natural Cider, Perry, and Wine producers using primarily foraged fruit & fermenting with indigenous yeast in rural Yamhill County, Oregon.
Easy to order, just shoot us an email to and let us know which packs you would like. Thanks for your support!
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Cider Sampler, 4 pack, $75 + ground shipping included
1 Humble Cider 2016 (dry, tart, foraged apples) SRP $15
1 Humble Perry 2016 (100% pear, biodynamic) SRP $15
1 Little Apples 2016 (foraged crab apple blend, tannic, tart balance) SRP $20
1 Symbiosis 2016 (50% foraged apples, 50% Gruner Veltliner blend) SRP $28

Humble Sampler, 6 pack, $85 + ground shipping included
3 Humble Cider 2016 (dry, tart, foraged) SRP $15
3 Humble Perry 2016 (100% pear, biodynamic) SRP $15

Wine Sampler, 3 pack, $75 + ground shipping included (after April 1st)
1 2014 Stella Maris Syrah SRP $26
1 2015 Armstrong Pinot Noir SRP $36
1 2017 Pinot Noir PetNat SRP $24

PetNat Pack, 6 pack, $140 + ground shipping included (after April 1st)
6 2017 Pinot Noir PetNat SRP $24

Have a question or want to order, just shoot us an email to More info available on products at our website:
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Sent the Ciders to my son last year and they were an immense hit with both the cider and the art on the bottles really enjoyed!

One of my favorite purchases last year. In again!

Great to hear!! flirtysmile

Awesome to hear you enjoyed them! We have more exciting things coming down the pipeline… [thankyou.gif]

Woowhoo! Looking forward to finally trying these.


Dan, can you say more about the PetNat - is it similar to the Johan or …?


The main difference between the two is the vineyard source. Johan is my “day job” and Art + Science is mine and my wife’s personal label. The Johan Pet-Nat comes from the Johan estate vineyard, certified Organic and Biodynamic. We farm a block in the vineyard specifically for this wine, with a goal of achieving ripe fruit flavors while retaining acidity for freshness. The Art + Science Pet-Nat comes from a vineyard up on Ribbon Ridge called Armstrong Vineyard, where I consulting on the organic farming program (although this vineyard is not certified organic). The wines are made in exactly the same style, with just a few days of skin contact before pressing, and then bottling just before the end of fermentation to capture the remaining CO2 from fermentation in order to carbonate the bottle. One final thing to note is the A+S wine offered is vintage 2017 (fresh & juicy), where the Johan is 2016 (having a full year to finish fermentation and coalesce in bottle). Hope this helps!

Email sent. Excited to check these out!

Email sent… Thanks!

Dan - any word on shipping? Sent Kim an email a couple of days ago but haven’t heard anything back.