arranging and sorting empty bottles

For the last 15 years I have kept empty bottles that I have drunk because I found that the memory works better with the empty bottle than with a label put in a book.
I did so because I have the disease of never throwing anything. You can imagine that my wife does not appreciate, but we celebrated yesterday our 48th wedding anniversary. This disease is not mortal.
What to do with thousands of empty bottles ?

First I wanted to make a class photograph of pupils of the same school (the DRC pupils)

Then I thought of American movies about Army. In every film when the soldiers are ranked there is always a bad guy.
I wanted to figure it this way :

Then I wanted to show the importance of this collection worth only for my memory

And to show that all that is not so serious, I wanted to make it with a bit of humor

more seriously, I intend to make a book about all what I have drunk (I have notes for more that 12,000 wines) and these bottles will help me to put nice pictures of some of them.

To answer a possible question, none of these bottles will ever be sold to anyone, and my children know that when I die they will use a hammer to destroy all that.

Wow François, amazing photographs! Thanks for sharing.


Very nice.

Those are wonderful photos. Do you have bottles that trigger the memory of a particular dinner, or event, or friends that that shared the wine?

Pretty cool photos! Most of us complain about not enough room to store our full bottles. Must be nice to be able to keep so many empties as well.

So that explains the increasing price of glass.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

I am lucky my wife lets me keep the full bottles–no chance on the empties.

I use to save SQN bottles for the unique art work, but quickly was out of space for full bottles.

Fantastic post. Merci Francois

Looking forward to reading your book Sir.

Wow! this is a damm big collection… [wow.gif]

Looking forward to buying the book and getting it autographed one day [thumbs-up.gif]

“I’ll be right over”

-Rudy K.

Those makes some very cool pictures. Well done!

Thank you, François! Lovely pictures. Now when my wife complains about too many empty bottles in the house, I’ll just show her your pictures!

Somewhere in a cold cell, Rudy is quivering with jealousy and unmet potential.

I enjoy the frivolity in the way the bottles are displayed and the look of happiness on your face.

Amazing and fun photographs!

Thanks. I needed a good smile today.

Ha. During the last earthquake my wife made me throw away my empty bottles in fear it’d fall and maim the dog.