Arrangements for Wine Tasting in Burgundy

My wife and I are planning on making our first foray to Burgundy for a few nights this coming December. Neither of us have been to France before and speak next to no French other than the ability to read a bottle [snort.gif] . I understand from the forum that tasting is radically different there versus the States. Are there any services anyone has used to arrangement for tasting appointments? I’m not sure I have the time to do the legwork to make the arrangement myself. We have no false premonition that the door to DRC will be opened but we would ideally like to visit high-quality producers. Thanks so much for the help! [cheers.gif]

Hi aaron,

Some big structures organise visits (like bouchard ). But it’s not free.
Otherwise you can send an email to producers.

There are people who you can hire to make appointments and drive you around. I have not done this before in Burgundy, but did it in Bordeaux with great success. In Burgundy, I have gone around on my own and have called or emailed producers.

Links to emails and phone numbers:

Vins de Bourgogne, nés d’une terre viticole d’exception - Vins de Bourgogne?

There are a number of very good local guides that specialize in organizing your trip, booking appointments, etc. See for example and

Try Joachim. Used him this spring in Burgundy

Alan, could I inquire where you tasted through his service?


The locations he found for me that were not “open” to the public were Dujac and Ann Parent in Pommard. Both were outstanding. I had connections for several other closed houses and he coordinated with some larger/more public places.

We enjoyed meeting Ann Parent. A tiny little lady with a big small and excellent wine. We made our arrangements directly with them so that might still be possible. A guide is a good idea. Efficient scheduling and routing are important.