Arnot Roberts - Thursday

Dont have much information, but asked Duncan when I can get some of his Syrahs and he replied that they were releasing them on Thursday (assume he means the 15th) via email. We tasted them at the end of May and the cold vineyard Syrahs rocked, really digging AR’s style.

I just signed up to this list to get the cabs and whites. My understanding is that they’ll also release the trousseau this week. Sounds like a very interesting wine. That’ll probably be all that I’ll buy for now.

I’m anxious to try these too. I’ve heard good things. In addition, they are among the recommended wines in Feiring’s “Naked Wine.” An interesting intersection.

Probably the SVD’s - Clary, Hudson, Griffin and Alder Springs. The Sonoma Coast went out in March.

Too many wine. Too little cash. [swearing.gif]

I think read somewhere that Arnot-Roberts was dropping Hudson because they decided it wasn’t cold enough for their style. Maybe this is '09 still in the pipe from before that decision? Or maybe there’s crack in my pipe and I don’t know what I’m talking about [pwn.gif]

The Clary is a great value, no-brainer, and being a big fan of Griffin’s Lair this will be impossible to pass on.

My notes particularly suck, but I wrote that the Clary was the coldest of AR’s vineyards and the alc was in the 11’s and then it just says “kicks ass”. I hope Visa will understand the compacted mailing list offerings this year and give emergencey credit extensions.

The good news is, cash back from my card will probably be enough to cover Christmas shopping this year pileon

Anyone get an email today?

Not me. Looks like they let Pax steal their thunder.

Okay, the offering has been out 24 hours. Nothing to discuss? I was really impressed with these guys and their wines from my visit in February.

Like the wines - but too expensive for me.
So for me not much more to discuss.

I’ll probably buy a few North Coasts, like I did in March.
I’d buy more if they were $10-15 less expensive ala Copain, and some Wind Gaps.

Can someone post the offer, not sure why but i didnt get the mailer? TIA

Greetings from Healdsburg,

We hope this finds you well and enjoying the end of your Summer. 2011 has been a big year for us as we celebrate our 10th vintage and our recent move to Healdsburg , where it all started in 2001. After an extensive search of our hometown we found a great location a few blocks from the historic downtown plaza where we were fortunate to help design and guide the construction of a small, custom winery built just for us. The move from Forestville to Healdsburg will be complete by the time you read this and we welcome you to come see us in our new home the next time you are in Sonoma County.

We are very proud of all of the wines we are releasing in this fall’s offer. Both 2009 and 2010 were cool years in our vineyards and they have delivered us some of the most pure and vibrant wines we have ever made. So far, the 2011 vintage seems to be following suit and it looks like we are on track for a superb harvest. In our tenth year we are also making our first Pinot Noir! We were introduced to Peter Martin Ray and his historic vineyard this spring, a stunning site perched at 1,600’ on Mt. Eden in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Planted in 1976, this dry farmed hillside site has already captured our hearts and we hope to craft a wine worthy of this fabled hill.

Our 2009 vineyard designated Syrahs from: Alder Springs, Griffin’s Lair and Hudson are stunning examples of what these sites can achieve. All of the wines bear the mark of the cool growing season and sing from the glass aromatically with layers of spice and floral earth. Colors are rich and the wines are complex and layered with balanced fruit, acid and tannins. All three of these wines will drink well on release but will continue to blossom with age. For tasting notes on these wines you can click here.

We are also excited to announce the arrival of our first two reds from the 2010 vintage: Luchsinger Vineyard Trousseau and our North Coast Syrah. Both of these wines are drinking well now and beg to be opened and shared in their youth. We are thrilled to be working with some of the only Trousseau in North America and think the 2010 confirms our hunch that this grape can transmit varietal character grown here in Northern California. The 2010 North Coast Syrah is a preview to what 2010 has to offer and is the only blended wine in our lineup, the 2010 is 100% Syrah and is comprised of selected barrels from each of our coolest coastal vineyard sites and is fermented retaining 100% whole clusters with native yeast and aged in neutral French oak barrels.

Finally, we will host our annual fall wine pickup day and tasting on Saturday Nov 5th from 3-6pm at our new winery: 33 Healdsburg Ave Healdsburg, CA 95448. We look forward to seeing you here.

To view the current offer and place an order please visit our website at and log-in with your Username and Password: