Arnot-Roberts labels......

…who wants to play What Arnot-Roberts Wines am I Drinking? [wink.gif]

2015 trousseau on the right

Nope :stuck_out_tongue:

Ribolla Gailla on the left…

Trousseau Luchsinger on right

Gruner on the left?


Those must be old(er), because they’ve recently changed. [snort.gif]

Vintages? :slight_smile:

hmm. Haven’t had the ribolla since the 2010 vintage or the trousseau since the 2011. So if they’ve changed the labels since then, as Markus suggests, then I can’t say. And if they still have the same color labels, then nobody (except you) will know I think…

Trick question? [cheers.gif]

How about some tasting note clues?

2015 Ribolla Gialla, 2014 Trousseau. The Trousseau has changed color with subsequent vintages. Both are drinking beautiful…the Ribolla is floral, orchard fruit, freshness, totally savory…and has a really nice reduction like complexity(earth or smoked herbs?) that I really dug. The 14 Trousseau is still my fav to date…drinking pretty, transparent with crunchy red fruits, dried florals, the geology of Burgundy…super tasty!

Thanks for playing everyone! [cheers.gif]

I agree that the '14 is the best Trousseau to date. The '15 was interesting, but a bit to light in flavor and texture to me.

Thoughts about '13 Trousseau, or for that matter the 13 Chards? Been buying on and off, just too many bottles to buy everything regularly every year.