Arnaud Ente | Coche Dury

2007 Arnaud Ente Meursault La Seve du Clos

Superb, bursting from the glass with great intensity but also real elegance. Finesse rather than weight with stone citrus fruit and floral notes. A stunning wine with amazing lenght and detail, and that classic stony minerality. (94 pts.)

2009 Coche-Dury Meursault Les Rougeots

Elegant nose of ripe citrus and woodsmoke. Rich but not dense, it’s powerful and taut with racy, tingling tension. Long citric and explosive on the finish. (93 pts.)

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Good grief, even the 1er Crus are poised to break into 4-digits now.


Actually, that’s a village wine.

This was a flight in a Meursault tasting with Coche and Ente village side by side blind: the uniform consensus of the group was that Coche was Ente and vice versa. I would argue that Arnaud Ente or d’Auvenay for my taste makes the best Meursault lieu dits …

Actually, we had the same experience… but all very expensive

For you, what gave the Ente the edge over the Coche? Simply its more “precise” profile?

Though I haven’t had those two side by side, I have drunk them both this year and would invert your scores. For me, the Rougeots is one of the highlights of Coche’s 09 portfolio, and nipping at the heels of his higher appellation wines that vintage. The 07 Ente SdC is lovely but doesn’t have quite the same concentration or structure, and I don’t think it will be as long lived.

But I have always had a soft spot for the Coche Rougeots.

Not commenting on respective quality of both wines, but an interesting difference between Ente and Coche-Dury is that the ex-domaine prices are very expensive for Arnaud Ente compared to Coche-Dury, nevertheless the domaine seems to have built up a loyal following that supports these prices. Still, their ex-domaine prices are probable around 1/3 of US prices shown above.

i actually bought that coche through a kermit retailer and paid less than $200 for it. it was still expensive compared to what you can find in some restaurants but the pricing now is insane. there will always be plenty of other producers many have never heard of that make fantastic wine. even arnaud ente was still under the radar in the states as of a couple of years ago.

You know, I even zoomed in on the label, and I was scratching my head, and wondering why it didn’t say “1er Cru”, and I guess I must have figured that Coche was being bashful or something, and I glanced at the Wine-Searcher result again, and decided that it had to be a 1er Cru.

So the Lieux-Dits are now into 4-digit territory?

This is so utterly surrealistic that if you consider the large-scale implications of it - that “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”* has officially gone global now - then it’s horrifying.

On the other, if you can summon the courage to adopt Zero Hedge’s point of view - “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero” - then it’s kind of hilarious.

Kind of.

*According to Wikipedia, Rousseau probably made up that quote, after he claimed to have stolen a bottle of wine [which was also probably fictional].

I was laughing about Arnaud Ente through tears on Friday. Grailey’s picked these up and was selling Aranud Ente Meursaults of various flavors for like 85-215 (the 2009s) in 2016. Then some were selling for about $160 last spring. And now they’re completely and utterly out of my price range. I had 3 or 4 of them at various times and enjoyed them. Not enough to spring $215 for a bottle of Goutte d’ Or at the time. Turns out that was a bad investment decision, but I’d still not spend what they’re commanding on em. Too many other good wines that I like in lower ranges.

Golden Gout seems redundant since it’s the disease of kings

Many people in the USA think Arnaud trained under Coche- not true

A few years ago I was with Arnaud and his wife in a LA restaurant where the wine list said “Arnaud Ente- rising superstar , student of Coche- Dury” . Told the wine steward that I did not think this was true and when he asked me how I know I pointed to Arnaud.


lol…great story.

The 07 AE SdC was more texture ‘Perrieres’ with exceptional length!