Arietta on RueLaLa

2007 Quartet in 500ml bottles. $79 for 3

Would be a no brainer if it were not 10000 degrees out there…

Ivite to RLL for those who need it.

It took me a few minutes to figure out the Quartets were 500s–the price seemed too low for 3 full bottles. And indeed it was! $125 for H Block doesn’t seem like too much of a deal given WL has it for the same price.

Damn, I didn’t pick up on the bottle size, just thought it was a good price…

As for shipping, I think they are going to send it via fed ex, but I’ll let you know.


What is the make-up of Quartet? I like H Block a lot.

I don’t have the exact percentages handy, but it is a Bordeaux blend.

Also, just logged into CT to record my purchase and noticed that RLL had used an incorrect Tanzer rating on their site (apparently). CT says 91, RLL said 93 IIRC. Little peeved about that.