Argyle secret offer?

Anybody get a phone call from Argyle about a telephone only offer? I just got the message.

No, and I’m on the mailing list. Do tell…

nope…me neither

Just to get a sense of the market, how many people have gotten “phone only” offers from, not saying names, but very well respected CA wineries (Pinot, Chard and Cabs). As in 50% or more off release price “and I am only contacting a few of out customers, only X cases left…”. I have gotten calls from names i would have called bull if you told me that would ever happen even last year.


Just got a call from them. Yawn on their offer. Basically clearing out older vintages throwing in free shipping.

Seemed open to a bit of negotiation.

I have gotten 2 and I have no problem saying the names (not sure why the secrecy). Montelena and Lynmar. Bit on the Lynmar Chards - said no thanks on the Montelena’s.

Last year got one from Pax. Ended up buying 9 liters, mags, 750s of older vintages.

I think this is a great way to clear out wines–offering them to mailing list customers first at a discount. Many people have been offended in the past when they came across mailing list wines at severe discounts in the retail arena.