"Are you a member of the Anti Flavor Elite?" Tom Hill is here...

…and that was how he introduced himself! Be prepared for long tasting notes on a lot of TRULY whack stuff we are putting together for him…

Very cool Roberto -

Tom Hill is one of my favorite “tasting note” posters -

I can’t wait for all his notes from Hospice du Rhone!

Had the pleasure of dining with him, and decided it would be a good time to kick the server’s ass for overcharging us, so I did.

Love Tom Hill’s reviews!

This should be fun…

Are you talking about the server at dinner or Ed Murray? [scratch.gif]


Hey I’m not the server I just work here! [shock.gif] pileon newhere

I waltzed into WE Monday morning, w/o giving Roberto a head’s up, and announced: “I’m from the Anti-Flavor Wine Elite. Have I come to the right place??” Been rehearsing that line for several days by then. Roberto assured me that I’d arrived at the AFWE Mother Ship.
Put together some 3 cases worth of unusual stuff to try. But when he tried to talk me into some Coturri stuff…I drew the line.
Alas, Roberto’s technique doesn’t measure up to DarrellCorti’s. When Darrell sees me come thru the door, he grabs a shopping cart, tells…no…commands me to follow him.
He escorts me from shelf to shelf…“You have to try this”…along w/ a 5 minute lecture on the background of the wine. Afore I know it, I’m up to 4-5 cases. And then when I’m done,
he inspects my purchases and then tells…no…commands me to put this or that back. Not because it’s not a good wine…but he knows I’ll not be impressed with it. That would
be our Darrell.

Hmmmmm… maybe I should get one of those chips implanted under my skin, like they implant in dogs or cats, so’s you folks chould track me by GPSS!!!

Tom, I did NOT try to sell you any Coturri, when YOU mentioned them I just replied that the folks who buy those pretty much ONLY buy those and do so by the case.

Sorry for not ordering you around, I figure you know the lay of the land. BUT, Pulitzer Prize winning food scribe Jonathan Gold titled his “Best of LA” piece about us “Best Wine shop for Submissives”…

TomHill in the house? Excellent. I never looked forward to reading something labeled “Long/boring” so much :slight_smile: Welcome, Tom. What are you going to do now that your view on professional critics doesn’t have to be so coy anymore?

I am ready for more Tom Hill Ridge tasting notes.

Just jerkin’ your chain, Roberto.
There were two new Coturris I noticed there. But not in the least tempted to try one. Been burnt waaaay too many times.
In all fairness, Roberto is very low-pressure on the sales part. He knows I like weird stuff and makes an effort
to point out various things that meet that criteria…but that’s as far as it goes.

Really looking forward to the TNs from Tom. This should be fun and educational. [thumbs-up.gif]


I look forward to many long and boring tasting notes :slight_smile:

Man…that’s tough to read, Marlene.
Don’t you think this is a whole lot better???:

My writing style is a carryover from my writing FORTRAN code. It irritates the heck out of
me to look at a line of code that takes over 5 lines or so…when it could be written succinctly in a single line.

Hi Tom. I was a frequent visitor to Robertos’ den whenced I was going to San Fran and Napa 5-6 times yearly and have had many educational bottles frum his Rogness. Fun jernt and mity educational for we mere drinkers. Nice site here. BPR, VB

Holy $hit, Verne. That’s a name I not done see’d or thought about in yrs & yrs.
Where you been all these yrs?? You still living up in Denver?? I know you’re drinking well. Glad you found this Site…fun place.

Robert’s WineExpo is a neat place. I try to drop by/buy everytime I’m in SoCal. I like to try new & interesting varieties
from obscure places in Italy…and his shop is a treasure trove for that. Sometimes the wines are a little bizarre, sometimes
not so good…but they’re always interesting.

Good to see you out here in CyberSpace, Verne. When we made that trade down in the parking lot in SantaFe,
I don’t think AlGore had invented the InterNet yet!!!

Had been lurking around here fer derned near a month 'afore I decided to join. I knew I’d be able to get onboard when I saw they let you, Serge, and Roberto post. I moved my primary from Denver to Phoenix over 25 ago and have really become a desrt rat. Now I spend time here and in San Diego. Don’t know about you but looking back I’m delighted we missed the gendarmes way back when as we could have easily been incarcerated as dope dealors. If you ever contemplate coming down this way let me know and I’ll see if anything in my cellar meets your HIGH drinking standards. [wow.gif] Am going to start opening somer of the 95 1st growths next week. Have monitered the lessers for the last 5 so feel it’s time to hit some weight. Always a pleezure my noble scientist, atom-smashing fren… Drink well. BPR, VB