Are we having fun yet? What did you buy?

What did y’all buy???

More than I should and still not enough.

Nope, no fun at all. [snort.gif]

I wonder if he’ll have legit labels on them this time…

In for Nicora, Campesino and a Tercero case at this point, though I doubt that’s the end of it.

Ugh. I think I’m going to get in trouble here.

Jean Edwards, Keating, Lagier Meredith, splitting a Tercero case with Sheila, missed the initial Nicora but signed up for the list for FS. More to come, I know.

Got some DRC and Dujac.

Jean Edwards, Keating, EMH Black Cat, splitting a tercero case with David, Kaella, Nicora, Fogline, Cellars 33. Waiting to hear from others. Today will bust my wine budget for the year, but it’s worth it!

Hey, ballers! Be sure to save money for all the auction items today. I’d say pace yourselves, but screw it. Go nuts!

Wow! I had no idea Rudy had a WB offering! Todd’s really outdone himself this year! [snort.gif]

Tell Todd to slow the hell down! I can’t even read an offer & check Cellartracker then read the half dozen replies it received before two more are posted [snort.gif] neener

I want him to crank out as many as possible so that when I take over for him later I don’t have many to post. [cheers.gif]

EMH Black Cat, Calluna, Cellars33, Jean Edwards and Rasa! Having a good time, getting time to start the beef stew, pour a glass and see if any unexpected offers come up, like the Jemrose (not on the donor list?)

uh… Alpha Omega, Chester’s Anvil, EMH Black Cat, Guilliams Vineyards, Jean Edwards, Kapcsandy, Keating, Match and Sojourn blush

Fortunately, I had the prescience to get my wife a new car for the holidays, so I am temporarily safe (from bodily harm). Hopefully, I can enjoy these wines in between my shifts at my second and third jobs …

Did I read something about auctions? [wow.gif]

You guys are pansies. I’m not even a fraction of the way through!!!

Any BerserkerDay specials on wine fridges?

A case of Stefania Chard and a case of Jemrose Viognier.

Nicora and really debating the wine check… Have an eye on some others that are forthcoming.

Cabot and Jemrose thus far
and Briceland