Are vinovest faking reviews?

Look at how… bizarre… the recent spate of reviews are. 1 review users only, all with basically the same language. And the point about reusable bags and bottles just looks… fake?


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Read the one star reviews.

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oh i know, i would never endorse vinovest anyway, but it looks like to me they’re buying fake reviews

Entirely possible.

For me, I always read the 1 star reviews. You can tell a lot from them. These reviewed a detailed and specific.


100%. TBH, I would never touch something like Vinovest anyway, and I think VV is a very poor implementation of something that might “just about” be okay. But buying fake reviews is a whole new low imho.

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I had to look up what Vinovest was. Never heard of it and now that I have, it seems like a way to get money from suckers. And if they are faking reviews, so what?

Isn’t the idea is that the platform is about wine as an investment? Wouldn’t someone do a bit of due diligence?

And even if one were to do some, what difference would it make since no reviewer today is a real market-maker?

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If you read the replies to the clients with the 1 star reviews, it is just copied and pasted. It’s totally insincere.

for sure. I think the whole thing is just a bit shady - e.g. not criminal, but mis-setting expectations with investors, pulling rugs from under them, etc.

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You’d be surprised, esp in a bull market, and how people like to separate themselves from their money!

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