Are there any Sonoma Coast wineries worth a visit

Going to Sonoma County in a month. I have a feeling that we’re going to get tired of tasting rooms. We like to visit wineries and get a feel for the vineyards, especially in out of the way places. We were hoping to visit some wineries in the Sonoma Coast region, but many, like Hirsch, have their tasting rooms in Healdsburg and don’t offer to host at their wineries. It seems like most visits are tasting rooms. Healdsburg is nice, but I’d rather see the Sonoma Coast.

Porter Bass is a couple of lawn chairs in the middle of a vineyard- great tasting experience. Fort Ross is a tasting room, you don’t walk the vineyards, but it’s very out of the way and right on the coast. Gorgeous place. Both highly recommended.

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Try and make an appt to taste at the vineyard with Peay. I don’t know if they do this any more, but if they do, you won’t be sorry. It’s worth the drive.


I tried to get to the Peay tasting room by the coast last week but they weren’t taking any visitors around harvest.


Just today I got back from a week in wine country - mostly in the Sonoma Coast. I 100% agree with Porter Bass. It’s a great experience for those who like something more rustic (like me!). I would add Littorai to the list. It’s a beautiful setting. Freeman is great too - more of a barrel room than the vineyard, but certainly much different than a Healdsburg tasting room. Maybe Boheme as well (which is a tasting room, but it’s in Occidental so it’s at least a little different).

Other rustic out of the way vineyard tasting rooms that are not necessarily Sonoma Coast (but are at least in the right direction): Porter Creek, Joseph Swan, Dehlinger. All were beautiful, natural settings and are pretty convenient to either Healdsburg or the Sonoma Coast.


Not on the Sonoma Coast, but I’d add Limerick Lake and Bucklin if you enjoy Zinfidenal and don’t mind being more inland. Unti Vineyards and Marimar as well.

You might also have better luck in Alexander Valley, although I can’t speak from experience.


+1 on Littorai, especially if they are still doing their vineyard tour and explanation of their biodynamic farming philosophy and techniques.

Arista’s wine and food pairing lunch on their estate vineyard is excellent but approximately 2-2.5 hours if its the same as when i did it in 2017.

Sonoma Coast Vineyards (I’m not clowning you) is a decent walk-in spot right in Bodega Bay. Pretty good wines, friendly, no hassle, wines are not overblown in style.

It’s not it the Littorai / Peay type of category, but a friendly low-maintenance tasting room stop like the old days.

There are some tasting rooms in downtown Sebastapol, including Pax. I haven’t been there, though.

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Occidental in Bodega is fantastic although they also might not be doing tastings due to harvest (depending on when you go)

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Calluna is on top of Chalk Mountain in Sonoma. The tasting room is the owner’s dining room and you have amazing views of the Valley. Its BDX grapes versus traditional Sonoma Pinot/Chard so that may, or may not, work for you…Their wines are all Estate grapes so assuming weather is good you could walk the vineyards.

The owner participates on Berserker Day too for an added bonus.


Another vote for Unti, but it’s Dry Creek, not Sonoma Coast. Littorai and Porter Creek aren’t really on the coast, either, though they’re a bit closer.

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Visting with Will at Bucklin is amazing, but its definitely not a ‘just stop by’ kinda place. You should try reaching out but im not sure how often he hosts peeps there in general.

They sure are! And we toured their pollinator garden and they gave us each a sachet of lavender at the end. Haha. The building is made with hay bales. There were goats present. Pretty cool spot to taste some of the best wines of the trip!

Love Calluna, the 360’degree views are awesome

Come by and see us at Benovia. You can do a winery and/or a vineyard tour, and both are beautiful and functional. If we’re not incredibly busy I can show you around the winery and fermentations myself. Just PM me if you do book.


Don’t think anyone has mentioned Freeman, but they would be a good option.

The timing (a month from now) may be problematic for many wineries with the late harvest this year. Could still be right in the middle of crush for those out on the Sonoma Coast.

Agree with Calluna and Littorai!