Are there additional criteria that go into wine rating ?

Are there additional criteria that goes into wine rating ? We all know basics, taste profile, aromatics, color, etc…
What other attributes of wine make you score it higher or lower. f.e. how uniqueness of style
When you give wine a rating, do you rate wine for characteristics it shows right now or for it’s future potential?
When reviewing older wines, do you give wine “extra credits” for it’s age or how it compares to the vintage overall ?

I don’t want to sound difficult. But it depends on the wine. Obviously with top wines from Bordeaux, I am looking for the aging potential since that is what you are paying a premium for. I have certain ideas about how wines should be whether they are Merlots or Sangiovese but I am always open minded.

I always rate wine as if I was considering buying the wine myself. Essentially if I give a wine 90 points or more I would buy it. And 95 points or more, I would buy it immediately assuming I have the money.

Old wines I look at in their context. It’s not enough to be impressed with an old wine because it tastes old or young. It’s about subtlety and complexity.

So, on your scale, any wine scored 89/100 or under is one to avoid?

I wondered the same. I found that comment shocking, to be honest.

James, knowing that this IS Berserkers and we like to pull each other’s coats a little (well, a LOT) but all in good fun, I have to ask:

Is the 90 or above is desirable bit only applicable when one is having lunch with Sting or is it an absolute.

PS: You never called me when you said you would…

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I just drank a bottle of 1996 Figeac last night that’s less than 90 points. But it was an interesting wine. I enjoyed it. Below 90 is not one to avoid and I drink and taste lots of them. But there are so many outstanding wines out in the world today, I guess I would personally prefer to focus on the outstanding wines.

Roberto. I am sure you would like Sting and his wife Trudie. They are more and more into wine and they are very keen on keeping their vineyards and wine biodynamic. I think his top wine Sister Moon is 90+. Taste it for yourself and let me know.

I am coming by and seeing you when I am back in LA in October. So be ready…no 89 pointers! :slight_smile:

Roberto only sells 89 pointers and below. It’s his defining mission. [berserker.gif]

That’s funny. I will go visit his shop this month.

James, we are opening our tasting room TONIGHT. See you soon…

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