Are Mailing Lists Becoming More Available?

I just made 2 mailing list I signed up for years ago. Quilceda Creek & Shafer Hillside. Was it just my time or are people not buying as much allocated wines and dropping off lists?

In the last 3 years I’ve made every list i signed up for, except SQN…which will likely be way out of my price range by then.

I think the 2008 economic meltdown created a lot of movement.

Ditto on the Scafer,easy pass at $230.

I made a few I didn’t think I would, including Schafer. Unfortunately, I have already spent more than I had planned for the first few months of the year so I will pass on Schafer so I can buy Epoch. I figure I can buy about four bottles of Epoch for one of Schafer. It isn’t a hard decision.

I opted for Shafer over Epoch. Shafer Hillside makes for a much more memorable experience IMO, but should be some real nice vintages for both coming up with some cooler weather influence.

There’s also enough retail availability for all the wines mentioned so far: QC, SHS, Epoch so it’s not really necessary to be on the lists to get these wines. Can save on shipping also if you’re local.

I think you’re starting to see list members bail on QC as release prices have now crept up to $135, however, still below retail. But I think it’s starting to take a toll on their loyal base. As for Shafer, you can buy their 08 Select for under $200 per W-S, than pay the $230 tariff they’re offering, unless you really want to shell out the premium for Provenance.

I think my only waiting list is Saxum but I get them from a friend.
Passed on Abreu (again again) and QC (again again again)
I’ll spend the bucks on Saxum over Epoch (they don’t ship here anyway)

as a general rule a resounding yes! there are exceptions here of course.

a big part of this is that wineries continue to push the envelop on pricing. as the price escalates the pool of people willing to pay the prices decreases. just because a very small group is willing to pay crazy premiums at auction, does not mean the entire mailing list of a particular winery can or will chose to follow suit. the list here is endless.

Agree much better to throwbux at Saxum over Epoch. Authenticity is the only wine I kind of feel the need to seek out from them but it’s still early, who knows where it’s going.

Do Shafer’s HIllside shipments come w OWC’s? Noticed those east coast retailer’s a tick under $200. If I were local and trusted them I’d be more likely to bite, but being on the list figures to be a good long term play with Shafer despite the current release price difference at retail.

I agree, BUT Saxum gives me a six bottle allocation of one wine, whereas Epoch gives me a mixed case of 3 offerings. I am taking both. Hard to pass up the Ingenuity and Block B.

True, people also get older where drinking windows, time horizons, health issues, retirement, and passing on all become issues.

Then there are those that scrap American Cabernet in favor of the old world stalwarts.

Actually Scott, they will ship here. I emailed with them about it, they will deliver it to a shipper and ship to us South Carolinians at the same cost as if they shipped from the winery.

I would like to pick up some Saxum and may since there are plenty of people willing to share their allocation. I am just hoping to make the list soon.

I agree with everything said plus I have noticed a lot of them increasing production. For instance, Carlisle is now making white wines, Saxum recently added Paderewski and Terry Hoage vineyards to their portfolio, and Cayuse released a new Cab/Syrah blend this year.