Many of you familiar with Arcadian know about my son Max. I often speak about him and share photos on the various social media sites. What you likely may not know is that this summer he was diagnosed initially with cancer and later a rare disease Pyomyositis. He spent the last few months in and out of UCLA medical center and was extremely sick. As his dad I can speak for both of his parents and tell you that we spent a lot of sleepless nights in his hospital room scared to death.

Max is a fighter and I am so relieved to report that he was given a clean bill of health on January 2nd. He lost a lot of weight and grew two inches in that time period and his stamina is lacking but he is back in the gym and on the basketball court as the shooting guard for the Santa Ynez High School JV team playing sparingly.

Were celebrating Max’s recovery with a mini vertical of his wines.

A three pack sampler :

2003, 2004, and 2006 Hommage a Max Syrah 750ml $292.00 value.

A 40 % discount $175 . All orders will be handled directly through the winery office.
Please find attached order form, for fax requests (805) 737-3900 or email form to

2019 Mini Vertical - Max.pdf (161 KB)

After trying the Purisima syrah last year, I’m definitely in for a 3 pack!

Joe, thank you for sharing the good news about your son. So happy to hear that he has a clean bill of health!!!

The 2007 Arcadian Syrah Purisima Mountain Vineyard was one of my top wines opened in 2018. So sorry to hear about your son. Keep hearing more and more promising things on cancer research-but fuck cancer, and especially child cancer.

Joe Davis is my favorite winemaker in California. His Pinots, Chards, and Syrahs are unparalleled.

Hope everything continues to go well with Max!

Fantastic Syrahs, with the 2006, in particular, being mind-bending. [cheers.gif]

Hey Joe any berserker offer for the 2013 Clos Pepe pn like last year with the 2012? flirtysmile [cheers.gif]

Joe, I am so glad to hear your news about Max’s clean bill of health. Yours is one of the wineries I feel a personal connection to and it has a lot to do with the way you make family a part of all you do.

That is a great price for Hommage, which to me is the American La La.

All best to Max and all of you.

Best wishes to Max and the family. Bottles made it to the Windy City. Thank you Joe as always for the great offering (and great wines!).