Arcadian Offer

“I love to share old wines that have been well kept and have evolved with grace and beauty. I love when people taste an aged wine and rather then critique it, they just simply nod their head in recognition of its beauty.”

From The Mountain

The 2005 Purisima Syrah is one of those wines I love sharing and so were offering 120 bottles only at less than wholesale. $40 per bottle plus shipping

****Pre-Release Pinot Noir

The 2012 Clos Pepe Pinot Noir is schedule for release later this spring but for the Berserkers Crew we will offer it for this one day only at less than wholesale. $40 per bottle plus shipping.

All orders should be directed to me at my email I will contact you to get shipping and cc details.


This is simply amazing!!! WTG Joe!!!

Always wanted to try your wines and this offer I can’t pass up! See you tomorrow! champagne.gif

Order placed. Thanks Joe!

You guys need to buy these wines they are amazing.

Been hoping for this one. 1st time buyer.

Looking forward to trying these wines. Thanks for the opportunity.

Max,had a basketball game so I was out of touch. But I’m here and can answer questions. To those who have already ordered I have responded to you emails. And will get detailed info on Monday. We will be shipping orders Monday and tuesday.

Just throwing this out there: the 2005 Purisima Syrah is stupendous! It’s my personal favorite vintage of that bottling; folks are lucky Joe pulled that one for this year’s BD offer.

Great wines on offer don’t mis out!
Ill be picking up at least a case on my visit down that way for Falltacular.

Totally stoked. Wine arrived via GSO today.

No Pobega today. Had some restraint.

Thanks Joe,

Anyone open one yet? I popped a Syrah and in a word it’s awesome. [cheers.gif]