Anything decent at Des Moines airport??

Jen’s sort of stuck there for a few hours tomorrow, and she’s (understandably) not looking forward to it. The website is absolute trash, and utterly useless, so I’m wondering, with all you frequent travelers…is there any decent place to hang out for a few hours there?

The departure gate?


There’s a decent burger place. That’s where I usually eat.

and there’s a fun plaque about the end of prohibition that is worth a read. but tell her to bring a book.

Probably too late, but as a native Iowan from the left coast who regularly drove to the right coast during college, I never, ever stopped in Des Moines Why? Because there’s no reason to stop. I would assume the airport is the same, so I recommend a nap or heavy sedation.

We spent a day in Des Moines 2 years ago and really enjoyed it. Very nice farmers market, very good dinner at Alba, the city hall was worth visiting and the whole city seemed to have a self deprecating sense of humor about itself that was very attractive.

It might not be a must visit city but we were very happy to spend some time there.

But the airport is inarguably dull.