Anyone vist Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands very recently?

We’re thinking about a week getaway for low key R&R to a timeshare in the Caribbean in February. We would love to aid the economies of either the US Virgin Islands or even Puerto Rico in light of the hurricanes, but we are concerned that the place is just still such a mess that we may want to push a visit back there off another year. Does anyone have any insight they can share - real world reports? Too soon?

I may have answered my own question.

I live in Puerto Rico. What do you want to know?

Thanks, Carlos. Hope you folks are faring better every day. I’m planning a getaway for February, but looking around the internet it seems like it will just be too soon for tourists to return by then. Any thoughts?

Depends on what you want to do. Some areas are coming back sooner than others but overall the tourist experience is pretty much back to normal.

Really? That is not the reports I have received from the US Virgin Islands. I’ve not been to PR. What areas would you suggest we stay or avoid on this particular trip if we go?

I was in PR last month and there were still a lot of areas that did not have power. Our Airbnb did, but Old San Juan was still pitch black, but for a few places with generators. We had a great time on our way to Guadeloupe.

I’ve been following the situation on St. John very closely since we’ve traveled there a lot and were supposed to be there again this week. You might check out some facebook sites and the trip advisor site for first hand information.

Surprisingly, a significant portion of the island has had electricity restored, but internet is still spotty at best (probably only available in Cruz Bay - the main little town) and cell service is more consistent, but far from universal or normal. A good number of restaurants have reopened. Transportation is pretty well restored. You’ll need to rent a 4WD Jeep, but that’s true in the best of times. The airport at St. Thomas is coming back, but still has limited capacity. The airlines have scaled flights way down due to low demand currently.

On the big plus side, the beaches are deserted and appear to be as beautiful as ever. Some of the shade has been wiped out. Assuming I could find a villa that had been repaired to my satisfaction and was on the working electrical grid, February might be outstanding if you want empty, gorgeous beaches and few other tourists. There will be lots of construction going on for years, but not around the beaches.

My neighbour just got back yesterday from a cruise stopping at St John, Antigua and Bahamas, said Virgin I’s & Antigua are not great unless you just want to go to the beach.