Anyone use Global Entry Program?

On my recent return from Paris, a Customs agent handed me a form containing information about the new Global Entry Program. It’s run by the US Government (unlike the previous thing which was run by a private corporation), and it offers a quick entry lane. As someone who does a fair amount of travel overseas, this looks interesting to me. Cost is $100 for a 2 year pass. Of course, I’d have to go through pre-approval security and background checks (with my last name, that could be fun…).

So anyone in this? Is it worth it?
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I finally scrolled down far enough to see this topic. I completed the online enrollment process and received my conditional approval within 3 days. My next step was to schedule my face to face interview which is also done online. Next month, I will go for my interview at my local airport (DFW). The program must be ramping up because the earliest I could get an appointment was about two weeks out. The appointment time blocks are 30 minutes which suggests that the program is not to onerous. You have to take the conditional approval email you received and your passport. We shall see but I will be ecstatic if I can speed up the process at the airport.

Now I wonder if this status will help me in arriving and departing from foreign airports (other than Amsterdam). I haven’t found anything to suggest it does or maybe I haven’t dug deep enough into the details. You can rest assured I will be asking when I go to my interview.

Went for my in person interview Wednesday. In and out in 30 minutes. They put a bar-coded stamp on the back page of my passport and showed me how to use the kiosk. Really slick. Even if kiosk is down for some reason, you can go to the agent closest to the koisk, show your CDP sticker/barcode, present your customs declaration and pass without waiting in the long lines at the POE. If the kiosk is up, you make your customs declaration on the kiosk screen, take your printed receipt from the kiosk and got through a special line dedicated to the program. It will certainly reduce the aggravation and the wait.

I fully expect that over time, this program will spread to where it will be acceptable in other countries that enter into reciprocal agreements.

Thanks Michael, I travel so much internationally that this is sounding better and better.

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Just thought I’d reach out to see if anyone else is using this program and how they like it?

I was flying home this weekend from OAK and saw several people moved through to the front of the security lines at OAK because of this program.

Anyhow, I got an email last week from JetBlue advertising this and decided today to spend the $100 and apply for this. Online application took about 20 minutes to complete. I know I have to go over to LAX for an in-person interview in the near future but it seems like a good idea. I certainly travel enough for work and personal for this to make sense for me.

I would be interested in hearing about others experiences that use this.

It is great. You do not even need to stop at Immigration. Just the kiosk, print out a paper, flash that to a immigration officer and you are off to baggage claim/customs.
You don’t need to fill out the form they hand you on the airplane either (I94?).

I’ve used it for a few years and really like it. It works especially well when arriving back into the US, but when departing you don’t always get to go through the TSA Pre lane. There is still a random process where sometimes you will not be ‘selected’ and have to go through the regular line.

I have also noticed that at some airports it works really well (MSP for instance), but the line in Atlanta always seems long when departing and I get ‘rejected’ there more often for some reason. There are actually sometimes when the Global Entry/TSA Pre line is longer than the regular line, but that isn’t very often.

Another benefit is that you can take your kids through the line with you until the age of 12. Also, if you have the Amex Platinum card they will reimburse you for the $100 fee.


Michel, I think Bowden uses it and a few of my other friends. Everyone who has has been very enthusiastic about it.

I have been using it for about 6 months. It is wonderful. Ohare immigrations took me literally 2 min. TSA Pre is great also. Nice not having to take off shoes, remove laptops etc. It is getting more crowded though. Last week at ORD the T3 TSA PRE line was longer than the AA 1st Class Ex Platinum/Platinum line. My entire family including 2 kids has Global Entry. I will do anything to minimize having to stand in line.


Just filled out the application the other day, funny you should bump this thread.

I love it. The TSA pre is just icing on the cake.

Everyone, well, almost everyone on Flyertalk uses this.

If you pay with a Platinum AMEX, AMEX refunds $100 on the cost – at least they did when I signed up 6 months to a year ago.

Totally worth it. Well, if you fly international at all.

That, plus the amount of travel I am doing, made it a no-brainer.

Yes, but the TSA pre-check is really nice icing. I got Global Entry before pre-check was available, though, and am thankful I did every time I come in through Customs and Immigration. Everyone who travels internationally should get this.

just got it, haven’t used it yet. Looking forward to it. My wife’s office had the people come in and do the interviews, in and out in 5 minutes.

Best $100 I never spent (got the AMEX credit).

TSA-Pre is fantastic (you can be knocked out so, it’s not a guarantee, but you should be able to get back in next flight). It’s random, but frustrating when you plan on getting TSA-Pre.

I drive up to Canada from Seattle so i have Nexus… with Nexus you get global entry included…

is it worth it on its own? probably… but with Nexus together it’s a no brainer.

You save about 20-30 mins of time each time you travel internationally upon return… factor how often you do that, and weight against the cost of the program…

Another rave review- along with the DVR and Fast Lane toll transponder, one of the three great products of recent times!