Anyone open up some BerserkerDay spoils yet?


They are sitting at the ups customer service center. Pick up tomorrow. Yippee

I posted a note on the Denison Pinot the other day. I liked it a lot and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of my bottles develop.

I just received my Cellars 33 order and will probably pop a Pinot next weekend, letting them settle after their cross country trek.

Was gonna get the Kaella shipped, then realized the winery is 4 mins drive from my house…
Swung by to pick up last Sat, tasted through the line up… LOVE the Meritage… for 24 bucks on B-Day, it’s a bargain… drinks very easily now… can easily sip a bottle of this.
The Sangio needs bottle time or serious air… tight/structured… maybe some food would help but sipping it is not optimal at the moment.
The Syrah is co-fermented with Voignier… floral notes… didn’t pay as much attention since i didnt buy the Syrah…
Oh and tried the Sangio Rose… 2% residual sugar? I think the wife might like this, the hordes of women there did…
Speaking of… there were groups upon groups of women at the winery/tasting room… apparently from some livingsocial deal? i felt outta place by myself, in sweat pants…

I am so &^%^ bummed! I put it on my calendar, and my inlaws were in town, and I MISSED IT. This day is like a holiday for me. I move (as a non voting, non paying member) to make this a 2x a year event. Please?

I bought a case of Stefania Haut Tubee, but in full disclosure I had six bottles here already. Opened one up and sweet hey-zeus, what a vibrant wine. I mean not a long finish, and not terribly complex, but damn, what a great drinker. Would love it with some spicy pizza of sorts. On a side note, has anyone else looked at the Stefania site and seen the vine growing in the front yard of their house in a neighborhood? AWESOME. It looks so ridiculous but I’m completely jealous. Paul… well done!

Have a bottle of Johan pinot sitting on the counter waiting for salmon tomorrow.

Yup, this is always a great crowd pleaser at our house. I passed this year solely because I have so much wine going undrunk now that I need to start moving my bottle count downward.

Got some Alpha Omega To Kalon but I’m guessing it won’t see the light of day for a long time. Looking great forward to Nicora in advance of a Paso trip, but I believe that shipping is forthcoming.

Andrew offered this wine as part of his Pinot 3-pack.

The palate reveals dark red berries, primarily cranberry with some Bing cherry and rhubarb. With air some mineral and iron notes become apparent. A gentle caress of toasted oak spice and some earthy funk round out the equation. A nicely balanced wine that has plenty of juicy acid and modest, unobtrusive tannins. Medium+ bodied but it seems to dance lightly on the palate with a silky texture and a gentle lingering finish.

Nicely done. Stylistically, reminds me a bit of a Rivers-Marie but not quite as “big” and no orange rind. It should reward some short - mid term aging. (90 pts.)

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Will crush a Schafer-Frolich Spatlese from Panzer this upcoming weekend.

If it has notes of Comice pear I will be over the moon.

I really am shooting for Korean Pear.

If you’re going the Asian route, you might as well go the full Buddha:

that’s awesome! Use a mold to customize a pear as it grows!!!

I opened a 2011 Schäfer-Fröhlich Riesling Medium-Dry. It was the least expensive of the mixed case of riesling I got from Robert Panzer. If it is the least of the bunch, I’m going to be very, very happy.

Very enjoyable wine but not much depth. At $16, it is a solid value. I like the melon and apple flavors but wish there was a touch more acid on the back side for balance. 88


I got my Ayres wines from Storyteller (Mike Alberty) Wednesday. I’ve had Ayres wines before from the 08/09 vintages so will probably crack open the 2011 Willamette valley tonight and store the Lewis rodgers and Pioneer for later dates. Their Perspective pinot is new (to me), so will have to sample one also before cellaring the second bottle.
By the way, Storyteller has very attractive reload pricing for more Ayres wines! I may buy a case of the Willamette valley and Lewis Rodgers.