Anyone know anything about electricity?

Edit: I figured it out

Anything shocking to relate to the community at large?

The topic is no longer current.

P Hickner

I’m shocked!!

Please enlighten us!

Watt you want to know?

The black wire bites!

I was looking for a mobile power source for a small pump. I discovered that the mobile battery type things that can be used to start cars have electrical outlets and sufficient power.

ohm my, re-volt-ing puns! Love them.

Yeah, people here could be part of some sort of comedy circuit.

Maybe. This is not a very well-grounded bunch.

I know it pumps the water from the well to the holding tank. Pretty sure on that.

I know it pumps the water from the holding tank (via the booster pump - also electric) - to the house, the vineyard, and the yard. It is reasonably important around here.

PGE just announced a planned shutoff on July 2nd from 9:00 am-2:00 pm. Need to have water set aside in gallon containers, have a shower before then, and probably a good idea to have the house cooled down via the air conditioner. That will not work after 9:00.

15 years ago I knew nothing about any of this.

Any more questions?

If electromagnetic energy has no mass why is it effected by gravity?

Is it because gravity is essentially a curvature of space time and thus the vectors of the particles are also curved? Or do gravity waves work on matter in ways that doesn’t require mass?

If’s the first explanation, that the gravitationally caused curvature of space time bends the trajectories. This effect has been used to find dark massive objects in the universe, but looking for distortions in the light from background stars (look up gravitational microlensing if you’re interested).


Of course I was being facetious. I have only learned the basics (and only the hard way) to running my place. You guys are way, way beyond me.

This thread has become relatively special.

With very little resistance it should remain amped up.

15 years ago you did not know about air conditioning and taking showers? [scratch.gif]

watt? Don’t understand most of this thread. Shed some light on this. Hertz not to know–I must have some impedance.

Alan, you must be dim, or wired wrong.