Anyone Heard From Jay Carroll?

A buddy of mine bought some wine from Jay and he’s gone dark. Anyone heard from him lately?

Pretty sure Jay is around. PM me with details and I will reach out to him. He’s a genuinely good guy, my hunch is that his “darkness” is due to his travel schedule.

Posts on Facebook all the time.

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Jay owes a few of us wine that was purchased via commerce corner. He’s been totally unresponsive to multiple emails, texts and calls.

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I left a suggestion to visit WB in his timeline.

I want this resolved, of course, but it doesn’t belong here in Wine Talk - moving it

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not the first time Jay has dropped the ball. buyer beware!
on a side note Jay had planned (as in made reservations) for a berserkerfest golf outing in Chicago a couple of years ago and low and behold we showed up and no reservations! we did get out on the course but he had given us tee times and everything??? I’d stay far away from buying wine from him.

I had no problems at all buying wine from Jay.

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I did a small deal last year with Jay and while it was anything but smooth, he did make it right!

I’ve heard from a number of people and Jay owes numerous people in excess of $10k of wine in total. Todd…this needs to be sticky until he does right by each and every person he’s screwed.

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I’ve been in touch with him…no issues whatsoever

they should all respond here.

Agreed - this ‘someone told me in a private message’ stuff is of little value. Everybody has the power to post themselves.

I finally got a hold of Jay and he stated he is working diligently to make things right by all. I’ll update the post once all wine is delivered to all parties.


Anything new here.

He’s no longer on Facebook

But he is on Twitter—

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Justin - i remember you helped me with this same situation with Jay a couple of years back. Hope you have same success this time around.

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