Anyone Have Any Experience with Henri Bonneau's standard CdP

Picked up a few cases of the 06 Henri Bonneau CdP but have never tried the standard offering. Anyone have any experience from any vintage? How does it typically stack up against the Celestins? Any similarities?

I haven’t ever tasted it (or the Cuvée Marie Burrier, or the Cuvée Celeswtins), but these notes might be helpful:

Nice grad Justin! I’ve gone through several bottles of the '01 CDP (still have a couple left I think…) - have not had any other vintage… Good juice for sure - IMHO still retains the rustic personality (old school…) that Bonneau wines have. Not sure if this helps you any - but - I think you’ll like them. P.S. - I’m going to dig out an '01 Marie Burrier for tonight - thanks for reminding me I have these! CHEERS

I was at that dinner and brought the 01 Celestins…time flys

i served the 2003 blind a few weeks ago at a tasting. Wow, I would have never guessed CdP or a 2003! More burgundian to me. Elegant, and certainly not over ripe. Very complex aromas. Red fruits and expansive mid palate. Good acid on the back end…Lovely. Drink now or hold to develop more complexity. No one guessed that this was a CdP and this is a group that is very Rhone oriented. Also had the 2002 Maire Burrier when visiting the Rhone a bit over a year ago, and it was outstanding…similar characteristics, but just a bit more in every respect.

I’ve had as far back as the '90 vintage. Very good wine, but I don’t buy at current prices. To me its kind of like Pignan / Rayas - once the price broke $50 not worth it

Thanks for the info. Great reading.

There seems to be very little on CT. Not sure what the going rate is elsewhere for these wines but figured I’d take a chance being it cost no more than your solid middle of the road CdP.

Considering you have a couple cases, maybe you should just try one? Couldn’t hurt…

Think La Pialade aka Rayas. A bit better than that but a much smaller and lighter version than the Marie and Celestins. You can see the producer’s style and he seems true to labeling the wine as seems appropriate.

You enjoyed Celestins so you buy a few cases of the ‘lesser’ wine by the same maker, but you haven’t tried it. Damn I want to be like you! You guys are serious ballers.

I’ll sacrifice myself and try one for you if you want to send me one flirtysmile

Don’t you think having the busiest wine board on the planet makes you a baller? [wow.gif]

You are confusing baller with babysitter

I’ll bring a '90 Celestins to Addison in a couple of weeks neener???

Well I popped one tonight and decided to pick up another case so I guess that means I liked it neener This is one seriously good CdP for the money! This wine is all finesse and a bit lighter and brighter than the Celestins. The fruit fattens out nicely with air. At 13.5% alcohol, it goes down smooth and everything is completely balanced. Dare I say that this might be the most complete CdP I’ve ever had in the sub $75 price range.

Suzanne - me too….95 Celestins. And Chris Kravitz’s bottle of the 90 Cuvee Speciale that night remains one of the most extraordinary wines I’ve ever drunk. Quite right, hard to believe its almost 5 years ago.

Justin, after this dinner I bought half a case of the regular 01, and with one left, aside from a single flabby, disjointed bottle they have been excellent. But they need time.

Finally, a question. Is this the regular 06 the same as the “tradition” referred to on CT?

I dont see a Bonneau listed in CT.

Are you referring to the Giraud?

As far as I´m concerned there is NO Marie Beurrier 2002 ! only a regular CdP …
either it´s a typo … or you may correct me.

I did a comprehensive Bonneau tasting in December 2012 … 28 wines 1997-2006 - sorry, no report here since the usual minor interest here isn´t worth my effort to type and translate everything … [head-bang.gif]

The 06 CdP is a really fine effort … completely in the typical Bonneau style which is burgundian, concentrated and pure, very red berried with fine complexity but certainly less intense and deep than the Celestins (the 06 Beurrier wasn´t even released last year) … I wouldn´t even call it rustic but traditional and mouthfilling, not as spicy as e.g. Pegau nor as sweet as Rayas/Pignan …

Even the regular bottling ages magnificently, I still have bottles of 1987, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1996 left … it seems to be accessable quite young but gains depth with bottle age.
Even the 2002 was a good drink if certainly marked by the bad vintage a bit …

Actually, Bonneau did release the 06 Marie Beurrier as I have a few in the cellar. All came from their primary (if not possible their only) US importer. It was a very nice wine for sure. Thanks for your impressions on the CdP. Definitely a CdP that a Burg or Barolo fan could appreciate.