Anyone familiar with the Eurocave Inoa?

Was looking to add a cooling system to my cellar and was wondering if anyone had any experience with this system. I’m looking for something dependable, easy to service if needed, and quiet. Without saying, it needs to cool well. Any and all input is appreciated.

I had ordered one in January for a new cellar I am building. Plugged it in last week for the first time (actually my builder did). Called me a short time later to tell me it had been making a funny noise and then bang-he unplugged and discovered one of the brackets holding a fan had fallen apart and the fan had failed.

Less than one day-

New part on the way from Wine Enthusiast and waiting for the tech to call and schedule the repair…Might be a fluke-they said it never happens, though they had the replacement parts in stock. For that kind of money flukes should not happen. period.

One side note as well, if you don’t live in a major metropolitan area (I am in Chicago) you might have trouble finding a tech.

Thanks for the info. Sure, anything could happen but stories like that really scare me off.

I just looked up the Inoa, and wow, that’s an expensive unit. I hope yours keeps working, Dick.

It looks like it should play music, too. [cheers.gif]

Cellarpro FTW

Paul Galli’s (I think) modified AC unit still sounds like the best idea and deal going. If you do a search for it, you should find it, but was a Sears AC that you open up and “tweak” the thermostat. Built to last, long warranty.

I’m not a fan of these. Besides being overpriced they are difficult to service and there are too many proprietary components. Curious as what makes you think this is the unit to choose as opposed to other through the wall type systems?

Based on “I’m looking for something dependable, easy to service if needed, and quiet.” I’d suggest you consider a split system.

Actually, I only asked because someone I know had purchased a refurbished one but I personally had never heard of the model. It’s a big purchase so I though I would ask here for some additional input. As far as a split system, I have thought about it but was told they only go down to zero degrees on the outside compressor and living in northern michigan it easily gets that low and lower all the time (Whisperkool brand). Maybe that’s not true, but I don’t want to take the chance on a $4000 purchase.

cellar pro is rated to -20 degrees F.

A well designed split should have no issues. I’d avoid most of the branded product. Either seek out a well engineered system or find a local refrigeration contractor to build one.

As much as I like the new cellarpro units (and the people involved) from a design standpoint I’d be hesitant as the systems are brand new and have yet to prove themselves.

And FWIW the specs they sent me show 0°F to 110°F

Truth be told most units rated down to 0° can go much lower the problem is that they don’t have enough refrigerant capacity but that can be easily compensated for.