Anyone familiar with Mailchimps software?

Our store is essentially a 2 man operation, and neither of us are too familiar with coding. Mailchimp makes sending out offers very easy for us. I noticed however, on some mobile devices the campaigns that we send out look like how it would if you click on the “plain text email” and you can see the full links, no images, and some small coding parts.

What’s odd though is that on my coworkers phone, everything loads properly in the email. I have looked on mobile Gmail and also the apple mail app, both of those not loading the campaigns properly on my phone. I contacted someone at mailchimp who was not very helpful at all and only linked me to a support article which did not help figure out my problem. All of the mobile views in mailchimp and the different mobile devices in “inbox view” all show the offer correctly as it is supposed to.

Has anyone else run into this problem or know of a solution?

Here is how it looks on my phone vs how it is supposed to, when I look at it through outlook the offer loads properly on my phone:

are you composing all of the content in the mailchimp editor or are you copy/pasting some of it to mailchimp editor?

Everything is typed manually into the mailchimp editor, then the links are added manually as well

post this on reddit and you’ll likely get much better info. i use it for my company and i’ve never run into this. there’s also a thing called inbox preview but that’s in the paid tier.

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