Anyone ever been to the Lord Mayor's parade in London?

Not usually my kind of thing but it happens to be occurring while we’ll be in town and grandstand seats are still available. Seems a shame not to take advantage of the timing.

Opinions anyone?


But its a Sunday morning right. What else would you do?


I dunno. I wouldn’t bother personally (I didn’t in a dozen or so years living there). If you like that sort of thing though…

My daughter was in the parade last year so obviously we went along. Absolutely poured down all day! We enjoyed it despite the rain. Worth going if you have grandstand seats and then doing a walking tour around the city of London.

We did the latter on our last trip. Great tour by London Walks.

Jay try to get tickets (from your Senators office) for The Ceremony of the Key atto Tower of London. Top notch piece of history on the locking of the gates. Very limited daily group.