Anyone else have this problem?

I keep receiving shipments of wine I forgot I ordered.

Today it was Salt Vines from Berserkers Day.

Last week it was Andremily.

Yep. I keep everything in CT and still somehow miss some orders…

My problem isn’t forgetting them, it’s ordering them in the first place.


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Honestly, no - I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten I ordered something to the extent that I didn’t put it in CT and it just showed up, though I have occasionally forgotten we already own something and responded to an offer for the same wine twice. I go through my credit card charges at least once a week (have been burned too many times with fraud), and anything that has hit my card goes right away into CT if it’s not in there already.

The only time I’m surprised by something is when Jonathan placed an order and didn’t tell me about it or enter it in - I mostly do the CT work, he does the physical cellar work.

Only 16 posts and you think you are already senile? Just wait until you exceed 14000. I got an email today from my office, where I haven’t been for a year except to pick up papers, that said, “You got a delivery of wine today in the office it’s on your chair.” I have no idea.

I have 5-6 in bound packages over the next week tracking through ups and FedEx

How nice of them! [snort.gif]

Crush emailed me last week about some ‘16 Oddero Roche di Castiglione. I thought, huh? I ordered that? I really got carried away with the 2016 Baroli. Doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s like Christmas…

Never happens TBH. Tend to stay on top of things with CT…plus paying the CC bill reminds me if I don’t enter immediately.

No. I know what I spend money on. Now retailers on the other hand…

We went into Rotie Cellars a few years ago, after a couple years absence. Happened to look at some wine stacked in a corner and lo and behold my name was on the tag. Club pick-up at least 2 years late. Free wine!!!

The issue is sometimes there is a lot of lag between order and delivery and I forget I ordered even if it is “pending” in CT. In fact, I have to look at CT to refresh my memory. Anyhow. First world problem and I’m definitely not complaining just happens every now and again.

The converse is true too. Sometimes I order and I patiently wait (sometimes years) for arrival.

Maybe they should put packets of ginkgo in the cases to help me out

Yes this has happened to me.

I’m still fresh enough to remember though that Jay B started a thread on this topic a few years ago. So not an uncommon berserker condition.

yes. I ordered a case of 2011 Boillot Corton Charlemagne. Three times.

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I’ve found some wines recently (mainly EP) that I forgot ordering, but since COVID I’ve been very disciplined about adding everything to cellartracker

No, it hasn’t happened yet this week.

Good time to ship!

[rofl.gif] at least not that you remember.

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What’s your cellar size?

Rarely happens for me. I am fairly diligent in adding pending wines into CellarTracker.
That said I definitely have been surprised! It happened most recently on some wine I purchased on berserker day.