Anyone buy from The Wine Cellarage?

Just found some wines I was looking for on their site and they seem to have a lot on “future arrival” with no cancellations or refunds. Just checking before I spend any significant $$$.

Thanks in advance!

I purchased a case of 2011 Chateau Musar from them on futures about a year ago. No problems.

Terrific operation. When something hard to find in the US is coming to market, I often start watching their site and more than once have bought the wine there at a good price. I am not sure how they built up their list of European contacts- but I have checked and their offerings are not a regurgitation of winesearcher European listings- so between that and my past experiences it is clear they are being very careful in their sourcing. Everything I have ever ordered there- including some pretty high end older bottles- has been absolutely pristine.

One of the few places I trust without question.

Waiting for a 12-pack OWC of 2005 Cos. Purchased 2 months ago. Anxiously waiting but I have faith. Talked to Lars a couple times and he seems like a standup guy. Last I spoke to him, he was trying to get a big shipment together for overseas transit (boat) and mine was to be included. Was worried about the 100% tariff but that seems to have subsided. Not sure how they avoid the 25% tariff (my Cos is excluded from the tariff) but sounds like there are ways around it. Will report back when I get the wine.

When they come up on Winesearcher for something I am looking for, it seems like they are always listing 12 or 6 bottle cases.
Do they sell by the individual bottle, or mainly by the case?

I’ve purchased single bottles from them. But they don’t list that way often.

I’ve purchased from them on a few occasions, both cases and individual bottles, including futures, and have always had a good experience.

Do they sell for their storage clients also? That would seem to be how they offer an odd lot now and again.

A 100% tariff is still a possibility after about February 15 (revised and expanded Airbus case tariffs).

If the Cos is above 14% alcohol, then it is exempt from the current tariff. If the expanded Airbus tariffs actually go into effect then even wines above 14% will get hit. Keep your fingers crossed, as there is no legal way around tariffs.

I have bought a few future arrivals in 6 pack from them. They have all delivered without issue

Former employee here and I can vouch for the reputation of Cellarage.

Ian, yes, the Wine Owners program allows for private storage clients to offer up parts of their collections for sale. It’s a cool addition to the company.

Bought a few times, all good.

Disclosure: I store wines there, I’ve sold wines there, I’ve bought wines there.

Do you know whether, if they list wines by the case, they will sell individual bottles, or are they hesitant to do that?
I would not bother to call them if I was interested in 2-3 bottles if they are really trying to just sell by the 6 or 12 case amounts.

I’ve gotten wine (mostly Champagne) from them and never had any condition issue. My impression from email offers is is that they have basically 3 types of wines available:
Pretty standard retail offerings (by bottle)
“Private Collection” by bottle, I believe on consignment from storage customers
“Ex-Bordeaux” offerings, pre-arrival, in 6 or 12 bottle lots
It’s usually quite clear which type each offer is.

Also good experience. Buy with confidence.

Dale sums it up well in his post.

Thanks everyone. I greatly appreciate it. They have a strange list as you have detailed here…which I recall seeing before…a few ordinary wines (nv champagne) and then high end stuff on pre-arrival, and I wanted to at least check it out. They seem to have a lot of stuff stored offshore, and that is exactly the differential I would like to take advantage of. I guess I have to wait for the tariff baloney to pass over though…oh well.

Happy berserkering…

Data point, posting for posterity:

Just ordered a mixed case: 6 NV Anthill Farms pinot and 6 mixed Italians. All wines were showing “in stock” and I don’t think anything was more than $30. Really wanted the pinot, ordered the Italians partly to average down my shipping costs.

Got this response today:
"Unfortunately we have been informed by our supplier that they have run out of stock on the NV Anthill Farms North Coast Pinot Noir. They do have the 2018 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir in stock but it is more expensive, $29 per bottle.

We can give you some recommendations for a substitution or we can issue a refund for the 6 bottles.

Our sincere apologies for this and the inconvenience it has caused.


Well that sucks, I could have sworn the website said “102 bottles in stock”
Not being a fan of the bait and switch, and being able to get the Sonoma Coast locally and cheaper, I asked them to cancel the order. I got this response:

" Normally we wouldn’t cancel the whole order as the other items have been brought in specifically for your order, but we will this time. Please allow several business days for the bank to issue the credit back to the card."

Really? You sold me wine you didn’t have, tried to up-sell me, then did me a favor by cancelling the order when you could only meet half of it?

This was a first time customer situation, doubt there’ll be a second attempt.


I have pruchased from them and had great experiences.

Bought from them several times in the past with no issues. Including recently in the mist of the tariff hike uncertainly. They had the option to bring the wines over from Europe and pay whatever subsequent tariffs there were, or they also had the option to hold your wines in London in bond with no tariffs for free. Really liked the transparency and flexibility around that when I purchased those wines.