Anybody know where...

Got a fellow wine loving friend turning 60. Want to get him a LARGE grape vine to put over his mantle. However, the only ones on Amazon are little squirts. Anybody know where I could purchase a larger one?


I could be wrong but I swear Martinelli, had some for sell? A bit pricey if i recall. Again I could be way off base here and be corrected quickly, but I am sure there are some places with people on this board that have lots of sources

Are you talking about a dried vine like this?

Yes sir!

We bought “genuine” (they were tagged are authentic California grape vines) at Homegoods/TJ Maxx. We bought small 2 footers and also a large 4 foot one that we display. They are hit or miss with what they have, but its worth a try.

If there are any vineyards anywhere near you, you might visit and ask. Vines die in the normal course of things and the rootstock is just trash for them. In France, they just burn them. They would be happy to give you one.

In Florida, Orange groves-yes; Vineyards-No [cry.gif]

We got ours from here and it is truly amazing:

Edited to add - here’s ours:

Nailed it. Thanks!!

FWIW, there’s a pretty badass one just outside the entrance to Full Pull Wines. Off the top of my head, I can’t remember what vineyard it’s from (old vines from Sagemoor Vineyard, maybe?), but it’s far too large to go over any mantle. Really cool to see, though.

I was in the Turley Amador tasting room a while back, and they had some grand specimens, sandblasted and lacquered. Very nice, done by a local artist IIRC. Call them and I’m sure they could give you info.

Wow. Those are more expensive than I would have guessed.