Anybody have an easy Ham Glaze

Bought a ham from @Cameron_Hughes and there isn’t any glaze. I don’t particularly like the sweetness so on our last one we didn’t make any. Their Website just talks in generalities. I have a picky MIL who will want the Honey baked ham experience that we are trying to elevate but not be unfamiliar.

Sprinkle a little sugar on one end

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Well…Kenji says 1:1 brown sugar : balsamic

I know it’s a simple thing, I’ve just never done it and our last Goly Grail came with a glaze packet so I was expecting to use that as the crust looks great on the website…

A couple of things before you read further: 1) I do not love glazed hams, but this is probably the best I have had 2) It requires a little work. Good wine gets most of my guests to forget what they did not have, so perhaps a heavy hand with the pours is a better bet …

Having said all that, a Dr. Pepper glaze has consistently (as in multiple years) resulted in the best Thanksgiving ham I have had. TIFWIW.

Dr. Pepper Glazed Ham