Anybody buying the latest Blankiet release ?

As everybody gets all excited for Scarecrow and Screaming Eagle etc, it seems interesting that some wineries get less attention than they deserve. I own a few btls of Blankiet like them and feel they are likely at the top of their game lately. Through the years they have had some great winemakers including DennisMalbec tragically lost recently. This vintage is the 1st fully crafted by Graeme McDonald their new winemaker. I dont feel they would have chosen him unless they were very impressed with his talent, and I doubt he would take the job if he wasn’t enamored with the vineyard. I bought a sole btl of Mythicus last year and this year I will also get another. Really surprised it doesn’t get more attention here especially as this bottling received 100 from Jeb and Antonio, Anyone else in ? No affiliation

probably not there is only so many $200+ bottle of cab you can buy and I think they kind of get lost in the shuffle

Yes, my fave winery. Bought my allocation of Mythicus, Prop Red & Rive Droite. Have loved their wines since Turley left & am very interested to try MacDonald’s

Is this the 2015 offer? These wines with Graeme making them are on a whole other level. A good friend of mine was there recently and was absolutely floored by the quality.

A cross link to the Why no love for Blankiet? thread a year ago.

It’s the 2016 offer.

I have yet to uncork or taste a Blankiet. But I went in on POH last fall and this month’s releases simply because Graeme is making the wine. Stellar comments here and reviews, of course, don’t hurt.

I bought my allocation and requested a few more (Mythicus allocation was only 1 bottle). I thought the wines were exceptional with Dennis in the cellar. Excited to see what the future holds with Graeme now teaming up with Claude.

In for a couple proprietary red. My first order.

In for a bottle of Mythicus- I usually buy more but paying for a wedding this year :scream:

Under Graeme, they are making really nice wines. Went to a tasting there somewhat recently. This offering is a bit more than I’m comfortable with (just bought one bottle), but their Prince of Hearts line is also very good.

I had a chance to taste the 2016’s as barrel samples twice last year. These wines are flat out incredible. And I have been a fan of Blankiet for a few years when Denis was the winemaker, but these wines with Graeme at the helm are on a whole other level. I believe the Merlot that Graeme made in 2016 is one fo the best from California ever made, imho.

Anyone visit lately ?

Reviving this thread as I’m curious if anyone has visited recently? Heading out there Sept 1-6 and looking to add some wineries that I haven’t been to and ones that seem a bit more “tucked away”.

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I tasted there a few years ago, just me and my wife. Nice tour with a tasting at the end. Tasted 5 to 6 wines at the time, including some of the higher end wines. I enjoyed it.

Thanks Tom. Good to know. I’ll add them to the list of visits to schedule.

I was in Napa for the first time last week and I visited the winery
Graham, the assistant winemaker was our guide.
Very nice tour and we drank through their entire lineup including their 2 ports. Wines were delicious.
He mentioned they are thinking of making another wine since the Prince of Hearts has become a really good wine and been receiving accolades by some critics. It will be called Prince of Music. Do not recall when the first vintage will be produced
We even got to meet Claude who was charming and talked to us for about 20 minutes
Will visit again when in Napa

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Was the guide Graeme MacDonald? If so, he’s the winemaker. Could be a bit of confusion if two people on the winemaking team have names that sound alike.

No. The assistant winemaker is also named Graham
He actually said that if is referring to Graeme during the tour he is referring to the winemaker and not speaking in the 3rd person

I had a visit scheduled and decided to cancel. I’ve enjoyed the wines, and appreciate Graeme’s wines, but was turned off by the hospitality. For our group of 6, we were told we needed to pay $600 upfront ($100/person) and it was non refundable as it was an “experience fee”, not a tasting fee. Purchase amount did not matter. Hope to visit one day, but not paying that type of entry fee.

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