Any US winery do decent 375 bottles

Any winery do these on list or club at reasonable prices, $15-25 a bottle

Lots of Oregon Pinot Noir 375mls.

Ridge. Can get many of their Zins that way.

My problem with 375ml bottles is price (I get it, I get it) and overall availability - especially when it comes to inventory at my local shops.

As I never finish a 750ml bottle of wine these days, the price of a smaller bottle is less of an obstacle in my purchases than the ability to find the kinds of wine I wish to drink in a “half” or a “split”.

I mean, if I aim to consume only one glass, the cost of the bottle in relation to a “standard” is irrelevant, right? :neutral_face:

Cadence. The Camerata and Bel Canto are probably a bit more than $25 … well what the hell, lets see. Nope. Camerata and Bel Canto are $30, Tapteil and CdC are $26. But with a bulk purchase the last two would technically be under $25, or mix-n-match and you might get close.

Bring your price up a bit.

Hall Cab
Hall Merlot
Stags Leap Artimus Cab
Dashe Zin
Rombauer Cab, Zin, Chard
Beckman Le Bec Red Blend
Opus One
Scherrer Zin
Biale Black Chicken Zin
Sineann Pinot and Pinot Gris
Cambria Pinot
Golden Eye Pinot
Paraduxx Red
Cakebread Chard

Those are just the ones we currently or used to sell.

Quite a few wineries have half bottles that are generally sold to on premise food establishments. Some have reduced how many they offer for two reasons: Lack of sales and advent of the Coravin. This has made more half bottles available to retailers.

If your looking for some with some age, check out your local restaurants that offer half bottles. Many are willing to sell older vintages at wholesale price or less.

Jaffurs syrah, cuvee le bec

Roy Piper wrote:
Ridge. Can get many of their Zins that way.

This. Also, Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc, Honig Cab, and Duckhorn Napa Valley Merlot are in that price range and most likely do not need a club membership requirement.



and you can search wine-searcher by bottle size.

I know it doesn’t answer your question, and it may be that you already know this information, but you can order most Bordeaux in 375, and the price tends to be about the same as 1/2 of a 750 if you buy futures.

Qupe has some tasty Syrah at your price point. They also have several Chards but I don’t have any experience with them.

Round Pond does 375mls of their Estate Cab. Flickingers has a few available right now for $27 (which I know is above your range by a few dollars). They frequently carry a handful of interesting half-bottles, often including some Scherrer Cab and Zin with some age. For instance, they currently have the ‘04 and ‘05 Scherrer Cab. Prices, again, will be a little above your range,

maybach, bond, continuum

Not at that price point.

Grgch has some Chards and Zins at that price point. Cab is higher.

You must not have read the original post : “at reasonable prices, $15-25 a bottle”.
Rhys has a great 375 & 500 ml program, but the halves are around $40/bottle.

Ridge is the best answer.

Brian Loring has done some of his Pinots in 375 ml from time to time. Not sure if he still does.

ABC I believe . . .

One of our Berserker Day offerings last year was a Half Bottle Bonanza.