Any thoughts on the upcoming Cirq offering?

Michael Browne’s latest wine is apparently a Pinot blend from the RRV.

Apparently the deal was for Michael to be able to use grapes from Treehouse and Bootlegger vineyards for a certain number of years and then Kosta Browne would take them over which they have started to do. This is Michael’s first venture apart from those vineyards and knowing his skill, I’ll bet it will be excellent!

Jeb Dunnuck states that the 2017 Cirq is a “mix of the Treehouse, Bootlegger’s Hill, and a few other estates.” I’m on the fence of purchasing but am intrigued by the future direction of Cirq and may buy in order to be able stick around for a few vintages and see how the winery progresses. Too bad the release is the day after Aubert’s release.

Just received my allocation offer. It was for 1 bottle. Purchased the 1 for $150 but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an allocation for only 1 bottle before. Last year I didn’t have an allocation but I was granted a wish list for 1 bottle, may be thats how my allocation was decided. Happy that I didn’t have a big minimum allocation purchase and this will give an opportunity to try Cirq new direction.

Buy Chenoweth Pinot . Same blend of grapes/vineyard (and I was told they get first crack at the best lots since the they own the vineyard) for half the price. Or Treehouse or Bootleggers SVD for less than KB.

Eye-popping price increase. Is PE backing this venture too?

I’ve received allocations of one bottle from KB, but with several wines with 1+ bottles so possible to fill out a case or close if desired.

This whole KB/Cirq intertwining just reeks of money/business over winemaking . First MB leaves KB and wants to make SVD wine from the best sites . Then a few later he wants to make blends? Something behind the scenes is driving these decisions, and it’s not altruistic.

Couldn’t believe the ridiculous price increase. I’m out!!!

It was a $20 increase from the $130 2016 Bootlegger’s Hill. Only in this far because of 1 bottle allocation and my curiosity to see where this goes.

Looking back at my purchases for price, by vintage
2011-12: $100
2013-14: $125
2015-16: $130
2017: $150

Allocated 4 but that price. Oof. I love every bottle of theirs I have had but not sure I can justify it at this price point.

Allocation just dropped. Anyone a buyer?

That has to be a record price for a California pinot that isn’t sourced from a single vineyard site. Right?

Yes for RRV. However it’s Treehouse and Bootlegger Hill? Did they blend anything else?

Yes, from several RRV sources.

Well, it’s a business. The details didn’t come out fully, but it seems clear that the Kosta Browne sale from JW Childs to Duckhorn led to some unwinding of prior arrangements between KB and Cirq , so MB has had to adjust his approach.

Hadn’t picked this up the first time around, but he’s got another wine coming soon under the Chev label. I wonder if he’ll be taking prices higher with that, or whether the Cirq name is going to disappear soon and this will be his new project - hopefully with more modest prices . . .

Only got a wish request but I’m not a buyer anyways at 150; I had bought from every vintage until the last one.

So more confusion !!!

So… Marcassin prices for a 2017 RRV blend. Pass.

Much as I like the wines, I was swallowing hard with each price increase and this one pushes it too far for me.