Any thoughts on Bottega in Yountville

I’m planning my first post-COVID trip to Napa. Bottega was always a favorite, but my last visit in late 2019 left me a bit disappointed.

I would appreciate any input from anyone who’s dined there recently. Thanks.

My wife and I had lunch there in December with another couple who regularly frequent it. It was our first time (Bistro Jeanty is my default). Food, wine and service were all in line with what I expected, all top notch at Napa prices. The other couple had no negative comments. Just curious, what was the source of your disappointment?

It’s fine, the food is decent, usually a very solid meal. Coqueta (his sister restaurant) is also solid. Candidly, I prefer Bistro Jeanty or Bouchon to both of them if you are staying in Yountville. Neither one is cutting edge, but I’ve always had very good meals at both.

Bistro Jeanty is about an hour’s drive for me. Sometimes, mid-week, I drive up for lunch, by myself. I sit at the bar and order my usual - fried smelt (“fries with eyes”), butter leaf lettuce salad, escargot, bread & butter and a glass of Chablis. And, all is well.

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Haven’t been in forever but three words: Polenta Under Glass

The food wasn’t up to standard. The flavors were not there and the presentation was sloppy, like they were in a hurry. Service was also lacking usual attention. And it wasn’t super busy. Maybe just off day.

We ate there and likely would not return. Overly salted food. The service was meh and the decor is dated to say the least.
We also felt we were surrounded by people celebrating a special event. No offensive to them, but when a restaurant takes on the reputation of a once a year kind of place, it’s days are numbered.

I was there in February and rather liked it. Service was a little… casual but the food was fine. Bouchon is, as others have said, a better restaurant, but Bottega is worth going to as long as you don’t expect anything life-changing

I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t go to restaurants for life changing experiences. I go to sate my appetite and hopefully order something prepared better than I can do at home.

Used to be on our must go places on every trip to Napa. That is no longer the case. Press has now taken over that mantle for us.