Any recs for Gourmet Food gifts, or Gourmet Food of the Month type gifts?

I got my wife a subscription to the Grateful Palate’s bacon of the Month CLub a few years back, and she really liked it. Is there any other type of gourmet food club gift idea that you have tried that is really good? I have seen, for example, some fruit of the month clubs, but I don’t know how good they are. Same with cheese of the month clubs.

I have no personal experience to share, but this might help:

there’s an exotic fruit of the month club that does monthly mangoes or even mangosteens. I’ve enjoyed them from time to time.

I actually ran across the club-offers site, and there looked to be some nice options there. The only thing that bothered me a bit was the ‘reviews’ which aren’t real independant reviews and ratings but a commercial for the clubs. still, there are some nice options there.

Oh, those men who have a wife who’s just happy with a piece of diamond jewlery as a gift must have it so nice. [tease.gif]